• When shopping around for an LMS for a couple of sites I was working on, I wasn’t expecting to find an LMS that natively supported the awesome Oxygen builder. Lo and behold, it’s literally the only builder under “integrations” in the Tutor LMS documentation. Everything works the way it says it does. I was able to use the sidebar under “Add Filter on Course Archive” in Developer documentation and customize it further to work exactly how I’d like it and then insert that in Oxygen as well. Using “pre_get_posts,” you can filter the repeater element as you see fit.

    There are a couple of issues such as the Author and Ratings elements not working in the repeater after the first query result but you can just use Code Blocks with PHP from the “Add Filter on Course Archive” sidebar in documentation to add these elements. It would be nice if there could be a fix for this in a future version.

    But even with the quirks, I’m just so happy that you guys are supporting Oxygen like this! Thank you, thank you, thank you Tutor LMS team!

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