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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m running wordpress 2.7 on my site at

    I’m barely running any plugins, most anything I have runs on the backend (wp automatic backup, wp database management, SEO optimizer, google analyticator). The only frontend plugins I’m running is the adwords plugin. My theme is quite light, and doesn’t do many PHP calls, it’s based off the rising sun theme by someone who has apparently let all of their websites lapse, so I have no link to them on the web, sorry.

    Anyway, this crap is SLOW. So slow, in fact, that I’m wondering if I should even bother with WP anymore. I realize that it would be more clean to do it all with CSS, but I just don’t have the time.

    I’m running wp super cache, yes. I’ve optimized my databases with the wp database manager plugin. I’ve run WP cron.php. I’ve checked my code as much as possible for unclosed tags, etc. Everything seems to be clean.

    and yes, I have also reset to the default theme, and turned off all plugins. It’s still stupid slow. WP 2.7 seems to have introduced much of this lameness, as I don’t remember this with 2.6.

    I’m running the Yslow plugin in firefox for some insight, but honestly, it doesn’t help, because I’m not going to use a CDN for my content, or most anything that the plugin suggests.

    yes, I’m hosted on Godaddy, and yes, I know, “it’s one of the worst hosts in the world”, as most will say. I don’t have money for anyone else. I’ve written GD support and asked if there are server issues, they attest that there are not.

    So, all I know is that, I’m running out of ideas. I’ve tried cleaning up everything I can, but this thing is so painfully slow, it’s like 1996. If you have any input, I’d be really grateful. Thanks.

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  • There are 971 other sites hosted on your shared server…could explain a lot…

    As I said, figaro, I realize that. There’s something much more heinous going on here.

    There’s something much more heinous going on here.

    Okay, if you say so…

    Okay, if you say so…

    Yeah, I do say so. You didn’t offer too much. If you did, I would have agreed with you, wouldn’t I? I already pointed out in my first post that I know I”m hosted on Godaddy on a shared hosting account. I GET that, I didn’t ask you to tell me how many websites were hosted alongside mine. I brought up that my ISSUE was related to WordPress.

    I love the WP forums. Asking questions usually gets the smartass answers, enough of them to make you not bother coming back.

    Anyway, much of the issue here seems to be related to Nextgen gallery, a pretty little plugin but one that horks up a number of things after its install and after its been shut off. In this case, the problem is at least in some way stemming from the fact that the Thickbox JS code is horking up my website in many ways. Disabling Nextgen, as well as doing away with a bunch of Java in wp-includes/js, has brought the speed level up more.

    I do know for sure now that I won’t be installing Nexgengallery again, because it’s obviously a hog with major issues.

    Yeah, I do say so. You didn’t offer too much. If you did, I would have agreed with you, wouldn’t I?

    I think I offered more than you are probably capable of understanding. When you have that many sites on a single server and you don’t know what any of them are doing, then you really DON’T have a clue what is really making your site run slow…do you? It could be your WordPress install or it could be 100 other sites using resource-intensive applications and you just got unlucky enough to be on the server with them.

    Anyway…enough of this…good luck with whatever you choose to use.

    Out of curiosity… if you temporarily disable that music widget does page load speed up?

    @figaro: don’t insult my intelligence, thanks – you didn’t provide a lick of useful information, as I stated in my ORIGINAL post, I already knew what you were saying. I’m not in the mood to talk to trolls, so I’m gonna choose to ignore you as best as possible.

    @ Chris K – I have been enabling and disabling the music player widget, with different results. The nearest issue I can see is that Nextgen gallery was indeed causing a big bottleneck due to it’s calls to the thickbox library, but disabling it using thickbox didn’t change things much. Turning off AND removing nextgen gallery did, which I’m fine with if it gets me past the bottleneck – which it definitely did in some way, that plugin obviously has some issues.

    The big thing I’ve been preoccupied with now is getting other bits up to be faster, such as gzipping components and connfiguring E-tags. Right now the two big ones is gzipping and the expires header – both of which I have done some tweaks to in my .htaccess, but have yet to see many changes.

    right now my Y-slow rating is 78 on my entry page, which is good, but I want it higher – and that is with the player widget taken off. It’s unfortunate that a flash widget with a footprint of 130k can still cause loading issues.

    I realize I could change much of this by installing Eaccelerator (but I can’t do that because I’m on shared hosting), and getting a dedicated host – but I’m not in a position to spend $30 a month on hosting right now, so all I can do is make everything as clean as I can, and hope that it speeds up from there.

    On thing I am seeing is that, the jquery library is being autoloaded by WP, but I can’t find where it is (IE, what .php file) that it’s being auto loaded. It’s not in any of my theme’s files, so it must be in a WP system file? Can someone tell me where it is that jquery is autoloaded, so that I can move it further down in the hierarchy, which is shown to improve load times? I’ve looked in the wp-blogheader.php, wp-load.php, and other WP files, but to no avail. I know it’s there, because a view source shows it as loading right in the header.

    Dear Brianbotkiller,

    I used to use Godaddy on a shared server. There were about a thousand of us on my server. My site was ridiculously slow and I was only using 2 plugins total. I have since moved to a different host — with about half as many users on my server. My site is now ridiculously fast. Figaro told you what the problem is (which you said you already knew). The problem is a server with too many users. You didn’t like the answer so you chose to be a jerk. If you can’t afford a decent host then you’re just gonna have to deal with it instead of saying, “I know what the problem is but I don’t like it so someone needs to zap into the time-space continuum and make it not so.”

    PS: Jerks don’t receive a lot of help around here.

    sigh. yes. I’m the wrong one, I’ll make sure to admit defeat immediately the next time I get an answer that doesn’t address what I’d asked. Thanks for reminding me.

    Apologies, I should say, an answer that initially could be useful, followed by a snarky response because I dare say that “yes, I realize that, and I’ve checked it, there’s something else going on”.

    Because “If you say so” was such an informative answer, and obviously not meant to sound smarty, I’m sure.

    Are you in the 3rd grade?!? Chill out for heavens sake. Bottom line is this: You were told what the problem is. Since you don’t like that answer, why don’t you go on ahead and type “slow site” in the search box in the upper right corner of the screen (which is what you should have done in the first place thus saving us all from having to witness your tantrum) and you’ll find yourself amid a plethora of slow site threads. Have a party!


    I’ll make sure to admit defeat immediately the next time I get an answer that doesn’t address what I’d asked.

    Actually — you never asked a question. You just rambled on about what the issue is and what you’ve done, etc. The IMPLIED question was “why is this doing this?” to which you received an answer.

    PPS: I just went to your site and read your tweets. So you wiped the whole thing and started over… guess what? The site still loaded slow for me and I have a fast connection. It’s slow because. You’re. On. An. Overloaded. Server.

    I understand where Brian is coming from, but have to agree with the others, quite clearly the shared hosting you are on is sub standard, as a result you get poor load times.. which you ‘seem’ to be blaming on WP…

    I came from freehosting (lots of people on there), really slow to load anything, mysql errors left and right, then onto paid hosting and not had any slow downs since…..

    I can only echo what others said, you’re overlooking the obvious because it’s not the answer you want…. or at least that’s the impression you’re giving.

    If you still think it’s a WordPress problem, then install WP locally, WAMP or similiar and see if it still loads terribly slow… being local, page load times should be near instant…

    Look, I apologize for coming off sour, but, the fact is that WP 2.6 ran faster than 2.7. I’ve been on this same hosting, with this same setup, for over a year, running the whole time, and not experienced the kind of slowdown that came with 2.7.

    I’m no “blaming” poor little WP. I’m pointing out that running basic php and mysql queries still runs fast, but WP does not, even on “slow” shared hosting.

    And as to me “rambling”, I didn’t ramble, thanks. I pointed out the issue I was having, and asked for help. I said that I already knew I was on a webhost that everyone would say “is this worst around”, as that’s the general response to GD here on the WP forums. I explained that the issues I was having became prevalent in WP 2.7 – and then I pointed out that I found that Nextgen gallery has issues with thickbox.js, which is documented in other user’s issues, and it especially has issues when installed alongside WPecommerce – guess what? Both of those plugins were installed on my backend, as I had considered using WPecommerce. It’s well-known now that there are issues between these two plugins using thickbox.js and having problems with each other.

    So, while I’m glad that you took the time to visit my site and have a hearty laugh at my tweets and site speed, I still stand by the fact that my having cleaned out Nextgen gallery, as well as a number of other tables, -has- changed things, and that since “upgrading” to WP 2.7, I -have- seen increased load times, and slower database calls, and so have many other users.

    In my final closing, I’ll say this. Figaro gave a bit of insight, that as I say, *would* have been useful, had he not followed my reply up with “If you say so…”, which was a snarky, useless comment geared simply at saying “You’re wrong, there’s nothing else that could be going wrong, because I would DARE to say that I A.) know that godaddy shared hosting is slow; and B.) despite that, I still know that something else is wrong, WHICH I POINTED OUT when I removed NG gallery.

    The horse has been beaten into glue. Closing this thread.

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