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  • For those who continue to give one star reviews to the new editor because it either breaks your site, is totally different, too many problems, too long to learn, or you just dont like it – I say please take a moment and recognize that not only is this a full codebase rebuild, but you also have the ability to stay within the realm of the Classic Editor until 2022. That’s pretty incredible to be able to do that. Furthermore, you have enjoyed an incredible management system whose original codebase effectively goes back to 2008.

    Gutenberg is the future. I already have teams and clients using it and *wanting* to use it. We are already building custom blocks and plugins that support frameworks we use for our sites, that honestly, we were not inspired to do with the old system.

    Welcome to the new.

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  • @weo3dev I love Gutenberg and I am using it extensively on all my websites.
    However, I cannot deny that most of the time the editor is painfully slow and it takes ages to edit a page.
    I am working on MacBook Pro and 8 times out of 10 I get the warning “This page is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.”
    I am not talking about being just a bit slower than the classic editor. It takes several seconds to see something popping up on the screen and if I have to move blocks around, they move like in slow motion.

    Do you have any idea if I can do anything to improve performances? Is it at all fixable?

    For your reference, I work most of the time on Safari and my Mac has Mojave 10.14.4, 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5, memory 8Gb 1600 MHz DDR3.

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    Holy crap! I have not had that experience at all! I spent more time being lost, more than anything….

    I have a couple of ideas of how we can track this down, because locally I use Lando and Docker significantly for WP and other dev and unfortunately one of those has a reputation of using large amounts of CPU for no good reason. I am talking 120% and more. My only fix so far on that I’ll share at the end of this response.

    For machine reference – I’m using a late 2012 MBP – 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. This is the “newest” model of mac I’ll prob ever use because it’s the last model that didn’t hard solder the ram to the motherboard. I have an 500GB SSD for my main drive.


    1) In terms of machine specs – 8G of ram should be more than enough for you. I could be wrong. However, it is scary to think if we would need more just to use a CMS.

    2) Have you opened up the console and checked to see if there’s a js script hanging? Normally, php will just silent fail or error out and keep trudging. JS though, can seriously stall entire processes. I am curious if there’s an issue lurking somewhere in your plugins that may unfortunately be hanging up.

    3) Have you used Activity Monitor? It’s in your Utilities folder inside Applications .. just click anywhere on the desktop to put yourself in Finder and then use keyboard shortcut “command + shift + g” to pull up “Go to Folder” modal. in that, type “/Applications/Utilities” and you should see Activity Monitor up top. Open it, and click the CPU% heading so the list of applications running is sorted from most CPU used to least, and see if anything other than Safari is killing your CPU.

    4) If in 3) above it is NOT Safari, you can use this little helper app that has saved me a ton of headache. It is NOT a long term fix. It is a bandage. But it keeps you going with less angst. It is called CPU Throttle.

    Just download from here: – under Source (not the Binary). Put it in top level of your drive – as a sibling of Applications. And then, in terminal, you can use the command he shows to clamp an application down. Again, this is just a bandage, not a solution.

    5) If in 2) above, you see any warnings or especially, any errors that are js related, then I would imagine that is the issue. Then, it would be a matter of discovering just which plugin is at fault.

    Hope that helps.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I am working on MacBook Pro

    Question: Are you using Safari? Try installing Chrome or Firefox and running it there.

    Safari.. well.. has problems. Not any specific to the editor that I know of, just problems in general.

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    @otto42 – do you know or believe that Safari is having issues due to how it compiles and renders to the DOM? Honestly I hardly ever touch Safari, but I might pull it out, put it in dev mode and see what I can see. Kinda stinks that the experience with it seems so different than what can be had on Firefox and/or Chrome….

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I do not have any specific evidence, no.

    I have just seen a lot of weird problems on Safari and telling people to try Chrome fixed their issues. So it’s become my generic go-to advice for problems on Mac browsers: “try something not-Safari, see if that helps”.

    Safari is like the new IE.

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    Got it. Fair enough and thanks for the heads up!

    Safari is like the new IE.

    Ugh. lulz. I guess we’ll always have one….

    Thx guys for the inputs.
    I am investigating further the matter and I’ll let you know what I discover

    Try installing Chrome or Firefox

    I’m sorry, for bothering you with your amazing experience, but this is the most funny answer by moderator. It sounds like “Cross-browser code in 2019? No, haven’t heard.” Nice default editor

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    Actually, @grigory-volochiy since you’re being a smartypants – his answer *is* cross browser and…. let me google this for you… one second (literally):


    Read some more:

    And read from literally four months ago:

    Fuck Safari, for real. from webdev

    So yes, Virginia, it looks like Safari is the new IE version that we love to hate because it is, quite frankly, deserving of the hate.

    Any more unhelpful remarks?

    Yes, of course, I’m aware about problems with Safari and IE (specially with support for old IE versions, the always has their own “surprises” for developers); but this fact does not justify default editor. Those “unsolvable issues” could be fine if the editor would be optional. But since this editor is default such answer from moderator and “happy users” looks very strange. The only advantage they got with new default editor was “fancy modern style” and loose “easy to start”, “flexible for any customization”.
    And of course, I can be wrong in my impression, but looking for users reviews for this plugin, most of people hate it because it is NOT OPTIONAL with all its issues and incompatibilities and its high level to start for any users which previous editor has.

    But for such users’ reviews support team usually answers something like “You can disable it and use previous editor for LIMITED TIME”. This is something like “We made brilliant improvement for WP, you just unable to understand this”

    Very strange direction for WP future.

    But I’m really happy for your best experience, probably such happy users inspire WP team for ignoring 80% other users’ opinion

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