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  • I have tried installing a message board plug-in and had no success. All too often important details are missing, and the plug-in writer shows every indication he doesn’t understand how to explain thngs, that details are important, or that potential users are not telepathic.

    In short, sir, I can’t read your mind. Even if a step has been explained before, just to be sure, explain it again. So what if it duplicates data, including it in your documentation helps tons.

    We’re not all cybernetic geniuses, please stop assuming we are.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    In short, sir, I can’t read your mind.

    And I’m sure the plugin author isn’t a mind reader either especially when you’ve failed to point out which plugin you mean… 😉

    I’ve been going through your other posts and I see you’ve been making comments about forum plugins. Just as a suggestion rather than asking when the code will be updated you may get better support if you start with what steps you’ve tried, what happened when you did, etc.

    I’m sure the author wouldn’t mind hearing from you on how exactly to improve the plugin’s documentation and that may help you get the support you need or want.

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