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  • Looking for a business diretcory where users can add their own listings, and peopel can rate and leave comments/reviews (similar to yelp). THe yelp plugin just directs people to yelp..I’d even be happy embedding the yelp listing son my site, but I want all of them for my city….

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  • SOmeone emailed me the wordpress clone theme, the problem is I already have a full website and just want to add the business directory. I don’t want to re-create the whole site

    My website is mainly a blog, so I don’t really want to use postings- the business directory will be a completely seperate page, not related to the rest, really. I wasn’t thrilled with the WPMU plug in.

    Sigh- I guesss there isn’t anything build yet that can do this. ANy third party html directorys I could hack into wordpress, perhaps?

    Are you going to be uploading the stuff yourself? Or were you looking to have users upload it themselves? If you are going to be doing, and if there aren’t very many. It might be a simple thing to create a new template within your theme that displays the listings like Yelp or however you want them displayed?

    Actually I was hoping for both- user and my uploading new content.

    I suppose I could create a new template in my theme- in fact I might have to.

    lifefanatic – did you ever find a theme for this? I was looking for something similar. thx

    There si a theme called Geotheme, which is a wordpress clone. I didn’t want to use a theme for my site though, I jsut wanted a plugin for an existing site.

    Yelp Clone for WordPress – GeoTheme Review

    I ended up using Business Directory Plugin… not what I wanted, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to exist yet!

    I wanted a national business review theme. Local geography and ecommerce is very low on my priorities. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the response!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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