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  • I publish two word press blogs and I have recently noticed that some of my images are showing up as a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside. i first noticed it on when my favicon started showing as the yellow triangle. I removed the favicon plugin thinking it was the issue. That removed the favicon but my images still show the triangle when they are posted to my facebook page or somewhere similar. I tried to pin an article in Pintrest from my VBS blog and the image showed on Pintrest as a yellow triangle. This didn’t happen with other sites I Pinned…. I just looked at my vbs blog and it show 2 yellow triangles where two of my 125×125 ads where… I look in the media library and they those two images show as yellow triangles… the interesting thing is if i hit edit to edit the image within the media library, the correct image shows… soon as you hit save …it returns to the yellow triangle …. Please help! Have been unsuccessful in finding any information on this issue.

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  • able to restore images on my VBS blog but when if I use the image link to add the image to another one of my websites…. I get the yellow triangle?

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    I see the images fine. Can you post a url with the yellow triangle?

    I sure will the url is:

    if you scroll down and look at the side bar …. there are 2 125×125 ads… there should be 4 … two of them are showing as the yellow triangles with exclamation marks…. if I add a link to my Facebook or if a link is auto posted the images will show as the yellow triangle as well

    The images are all within my wordpress library and didnt always behave like this…it’s not all the images but I even deleted and re uploaded to two that are messing up and it was still messing up…. I am having similar issue here but the yellow triangle shows up only on the list that shows up under my address bar when it is trying to guess what url your about to type. I was showing as the favicon but I got rid of the favicon image …the triangle is gone but so is my favicon …lol

    sorry , just trying to give you all the info…. here is a link to the actual images :

    it should be an image of my ad, but if you follow the link it will show you the infamous yellow triangle…lol


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    I see 4. Business exchange, visions, tech services and software store.

    ok …gonna check on a different computer …. I apologize if I asked a goofy question but maybe the issue is local to this computer …I will let you know once I check

    Something is wrong….. If I pin a url from my website on Pinterest the image shows as a yellow triangle… I have logged in from other computers.. links from my blog that are posted in other places, the image always seem to show as a yellow triangle…. very frustrating this is the link to the pin at pintrest

    help please … it would be really appreciated

    I see all 4 ad boxes fine. Have you looked through your images folder to try and find the triangle? It’s probably in the css as well.

    things are appearing fine, maybe you are using a browser which loads the warning when thumbnails aren’t available or these are an act of some plugin you might be using for gallery etc or media

    if you could …look at the link I listed for printerest. The four images that you guys see are fine now , but at least one of them was the yellow triangle. If you look at the link

    no matter what post or page I link … the images shows as it does at that link…. but if I post a link with a video , those thumbnails are fine … all other places I post from do not have this issue.

    above is the direct link to one of the four boxes ….. Let me be clear…everyone see the four 125×125 ads…. I DO TOO…. now follow the above link which should show you one of those 4 boxes yet the direct link show a yellow triangle….

    The images are showing on the site …. my question is why wont they show when you add a link to Pinterest or Facebook. It only happens when I post from this blog … blogs that I manage on other platforms dont do it and this one didnt always …. please the focus should not be on the four ads on the site… i recognize that they are showing now! please follow the links that I have posted in this post and the post before this

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    I was seeing the yellow triangle but now it seems to be ok.

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