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  • mtlslapshot


    As the title describes, the reason for this post is due to the fact that my company’s WordPress blog has lost ALL posts from the year 2013.

    We have about 8 different blog sites that are regularly posted to many times a week. In an attempt to expand these sites, we decided to move the sites to a different server, using the same host. Apparently the plugin that we used as a backup was “corrupted” and because of this, none of the posts from 2013 were saved during the transfer. And there’s no backup from the old server because it was all deleted during the switch.

    Does ANYBODY have suggestions on what we could possibly to do get all these blog posts back? In all, I’d estimate that we lost about 100 posts, which would be terrible for our site’s SEO and analytics.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Dave Naylor


    Do you have the original databases. Were you in the habit of making regular off-site backups, if so, can you access them?



    if your previous hosting account is active you could try checking with them.. i have heard some keep backups of db also and charge some amount for getting it..i think mediatemple charges $15..



    The guy who handles the hosting has sent in a support ticket to see if they have any backups so we’re waiting on that right now. Other than that, there’s no other backups that we are aware of.



    Check your previous server for back-up files

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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