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  • i am looking for the same thing … not with the year but to generate a more friedly looking permalink for repeating events…

    i found this which explains how to hook into the post-object before it is commited to the db …

    there you could just change the post_name (which is the slug and the permalink) and add some extra meta data from the events object to it

    maybe this will help you:

    its not perfect but maybe a way for you…

    i needed the location and the date in the slug

    the-80s-party-5 -> location-slug-y-m-d-the-80s-party

    when you change the location of the event, you have to update twice … something to do when the hooks are fired and the data is saved to mySQL…

    will check it, thanks….

    I’m wondering what the plugin guys (marcus or angelo_nwl) have to say about this. If a feature like this will be included.

    check this thread:

    i posted an update of the function

    i think it would be awesome if this kind of function would find its way into the plugin, so that anybody could take controll over the slug

    it would be a good way for SEO as well

    is an output like this possible ?

    and did you fix the ‘having to update twice’ ?

    the update twice bug is gone!

    but! if you want to have slashes in the url its not just a custom slug… you have to write some rewrite urls and put in some handlers for them … bla bla…

    short version: nope 😉

    it is a SLUG generator not a path generator…

    Hmmm… well the year isn’t over… Still have about 6 months left to search…

    But is it as simple as creating a new rewrite rule for custom post type event ? Because ‘all I wanna do’ is insert the publication year.



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    Beee, I’m wondering if you couldn’t use scharc’s code to make the event slug event-name-2014?

    It’s not exactly what you wanted, but doesn’t that solve your problem?

    I could, but I could do than manually myself. I don’t need a script for that. I still prefer events/year/slug sorry

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    we won’t takle this ourselves at the moment, WP ideally should implement this –

    then let’s hope they do before dec 31 😉

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    i wouldn’t hold my breath 🙂

    It’s not the best way, but I think that I’ll rename all slugs from /slug/ to /2013-slug/ by hand, so I can use the ‘normal’ names next year.

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    that’d probably be the ‘best’ way.

    you could even hook into WP’s slug generation and manually add that when saving event post types. no real difference between a dash and a slash as far as SEs are concerned I think.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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