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  • I’m using a non-root blog on /blog with a static front page. When I browse any of the following:

    then the page header is ‘Archive for …’, and the little text on the sidebar that says ‘You are currently browsing the … archives for …’ show up.

    But when I visit:

    while it shows the blog posts for 2008, it does not show the ‘Archive for …’ header or the ‘You are currently browsing’ text in the sidebar.

    I’m using the default theme. The tests appear to be in sidebar.php and archive.php with is_year() but for some reason they aren’t getting triggered.

    Is there something strange about a non-root blog that is causing this (or anything else)? I’ve really made no changes to a default 2.3.3 install other than following the instructions at:

    under WordPress as a CMS and Making your blog appear in a non-root folder.


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  • bump and more info:

    I tried again with a new install, and the problem rears itself only after I add /blog to the front of my custom permalink structure (which now reads /blog/%year%/%postname%/). Before I add this (and even with a static home, blog home on /blog) the year archive works as expected. After, it doesn’t.


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