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  • lentil1016


    It feels like I’ve been using this Editor for nearly a year, and surprisingly I still don’t like it. God, is this freaking project some kind of star on the dark-side of the open source world? Fixing bug just isn’t going to help, this editor is not handy at the first place.🤬

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  • Hi lentil1016

    Could you please provide an example of what makes Gutenberg not handy in your opinion?

    Thanks a lot

    I need to be careful when I’m dealing with the last block of a page. IIRC, If I turn it to a picture block, and I want to append another block after it, press enter would not help. I’ll have to insert a block above this pic block and then move it.

    And the Code, Title, Pic, Paragraph block are both frequently used by me, but there are only two button in the block suggestion. So I’ll always need to open the full block menu and scroll maybe for a couple of seconds then found what I need.

    Not a big deal, not at all, but really annoying.

    The classic editor might be boring, but boring is way better than annoying.

    Once upon a time, I was trying to insert a bunch of images into my post, and Gutenberg just turn it into a Gallery block. (WTF?) And the text on those images just become too small to read. I then spend maybe another half hour of my life to finally learn that I can convert a Gallery into image blocks. But what this gallery thing about? Why would you think that 80% of people want to see picture in such a scale?

    Too many bad memories, do you really want me to recall them all?

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