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  • I just launched my second WP site, and this time it’s running 1.1-beta. Please have a look and feel free to offer feedback. (You may not recognize the way the works, but I haven’t changed any core files. The only changes are to the index.php file…
    Here it is:

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  • TechGnome



    Hey, that’s a cool site. I’ll have to add it to my links. Where do you plan to get your recipies from?

    I’m starting with recipes I use on a regular basis myself. I’ve got a recipe box full of ’em…I’m always adding new ones, so if you have a good one send it my way: if I like it I’ll add it to the site along with a reference!

    Damn, dude, that is FINE! Clean and simple. I really like it. I love the domain name, too!

    NM and TG, Thanks for the kudos. I’m interested to hear what people think of how it’s organized…
    I struggled for a while trying to figure out how to get categories not to show up as links (just the sub-cats), but I’ve worn that topic out here on the forums 😉
    So, I just used link categories instead. Did you notice? I’m not even calling any of the cat functions at all…I’ve also re-written the rest of index.php, and incorporated a very abbreviated version of the nicer archives hack, so that when you click a link (sort of a fake sub-cat link), you get the post name and excerpt as an unordered list. If nothing is called as a URL parameter (no p=, cat=, m=, or s=), then you get the “Welcome” message, which is basically the end of an if-then-else. It’s pretty easy, and works well.
    For this type of application, I think this works great. It would be nice to be able to pass a parameter to one of the cat functions, instead of having to double up and use link cats, but that’s ok…small price to pay.

    The very first version of actually used that same background, but in grey.
    Tcervo, it looks like ampersands in your links are double-encoded. You also have some funny entry links, as $c isn’t even in the code anymore. You might want to take advantage of the get_permalink() function. Your site would look really good with sub-categories and mod_rewrite.

    Wonderful job Tony! Kudos are definitely in order. I love the clean navigation the most. Instead of cluttering up the front page with all the posts, you providethe categories and the let users choose their poison. Recent entries work well too! I dont know how effective it would be in a typical blog, but it sure would look and feel right in a “weblog tools collection” kinda site (which is a list of weblog recipes anyways, right?) I would love to see how this index would work in that blog. Care to share the index with us?
    One suggestion that I think would be icing on this already nice peice of work: Little teasers around the sub cats maybe?
    Linked! This blog goes into my “Movers and Salt Shakers” category! 😉

    Useful and cool. All I have to do now, is try cooking…

    That is a pretty sweet looking design. Nice and simple too. I’ll have to try my hand at cookin now since there’s proof that other WordPress users can cook!

    Site looks awesome, great work. How about adding some pictures of the finished dish?

    That’s in the works…I need to photograph the dishes as I make them, so they’ll be added slowly but surely.

    Oooops, that was me. Forgot to log in.

    Great site Tony!
    I guarantee, I will be eating some of your great eats.

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