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  • I can’t seem to post a reply in the previous topic (, as it keeps timing out….so, I’ll respond to some recent posts here:
    Nice catch on the encoded ampersands…strange, but easy enough to fix. As for the $c in the code…that’s what it’s spitting out when I create a new post. I’m not using the latest build, it’s from a little while ago (can’t remember exactly when I downloaded it.) Could it have anything to do with the fact that I had to install .72 first, then do an upgrade? Last but not least, mod_rewrite and permalinks: I can’t take advantage. My host is Win/IIS, which I need to keep for the ColdFusion support. I briefly looked into using one of the IIS mod_rewrite clones, but they can’t be installed just for one virtual domain – my host would have to install it for everyone, and they’re not willing to do that.
    What do you mean about little teasers around the sub cats? Can you show me an example? I’ve posted the index file as index.txt (I tried index.phps, but the server didn’t feel like displaying it in a browser.) Check it out here:
    It’s easy! It’s alot like web development: just sprinkle a few things here and there, until you get it just how you like it. If you screw it up, toss it and start again 😉

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  • Sweet, thanks. How about the CSS now? 😉
    As for teasers for the sub cats: If you see this list of posts
    I love the little teasers under the topics; very lucid, yet very informative!
    Your subcats can be spiced up just like that with little tidbits of what each subcat will have underneath (e.g. fish: fried, baked and brioled to lip smacking tenderness). Could also be done with the CSS link title option (something like dunstan’s).

    @tony: category description is what you need. Look through the category functions to see how to output the descriptions (relatively simple). As for styling them, this should be the ticket:
    PS: I am thinking of using some of your recipes tonight! 😛 Would you consider starting an ethnic section and/or contributions?

    Ok, I’ll play around with that and see if I can get something looking good for the category descriptions. I have nice-titles up and running on my other site, just haven’t got around to adding in on the new one yet.
    As for an ethnic section: I have tons of other categories, just haven’t put any recipes in yet. I’ve got a whole box full, so there’ll be more every week. I’m planning to add an email link for submitting new recipes. The caveat is I have to try them first 😉 In the meantime, you can send suggestions to: recipes at cantboilwater dot com.

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