• MWP or Marzar00 Web Productions is my little site that uses WordPress as its news system I have intergrated it in what I think looks really good. I will also be releasing my bs style admin inyterface which I was meant to about three months ago. To have a look at it so far go to this link http://www.marzar.finditmax.com. Please send me any comments to admin@marzar.finditmax.com. Also if some thing doesn’t work like an image or link could you please tell me. I am hoping to offically open the site before the end of january 04.

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  • Your link to the site isn’t working.

    here too… :O(

    Oh yep it added the ./ in the link so here it is http://www.marzar00.finditmax.com and to enter http://www.marzar00.finditmax.com/index.php

    Glad to see another implementation of WP. Just a quick note…your header is busted for Firebird 0.7 and Moz 1.5. It works in IE 6.x and Opera. No surprise about Opera, because Opera lies about which User Agent it is, so it’s rendering the same as IE 6.
    Keep up the good work, and update us on your progress. Don’t be shy about asking questions here, because there are a lot of helpful, friendly, and talented people around who are willing to help.

    AngerMan is here.
    Opera has to lie abt the user agent coz both Yahoo! Mail and MSNBC sends it a pathetic version of the CSS file when IDed as Opera.
    Opera has the capacity of handling anything according to the standard. They just are afraid of the power of this super browser. heh heh… No Flames Please. I am calm. 🙂

    Well thanks so much about the comments. How do you think I could fix the header?

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