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  • updated to YARPP 3.3 and it worked. seconds later YARPP 3.3.1 becomes available, it walks me through the blogglue plugin and… now my related posts are missing. do i just need to wait or is there a problem? i don’t know.

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  • ok i see the problem, YARPP was deactived for some reason after the blog glue plugin install, reactived it and now it works.

    Problem 2 is that i have NO partner matches for my blog on blog glue and so there is just an empty space after my blog post. that looks silly so i’m giving it an hour to find something else i’m deactivating the plugin until i see some more partners signing up.

    I woke up this morning and found my empty space filled with “More From roundvalleyfishing” and then 3 completely innapropriate links (ice fishing?) and followed by a plug for blogglue to “Ask roundvalleyfishing To Recommend Your Posts”

    Apparantly this is the first and only fishing blog on their network, so i’m seeing really poor results.

    Under this i have my YARPP plugin running which shows “Related Posts” and it is great. Still not sold on the BlogGlue plugin but i’ll let it run a week or so while closely monitoring my Analytics to see what happens.

    If anyone is following this – here’s my latest update. After 1 week of using YARPP with BlogGlue my visits and pageviews have gone up:

    1,586 Visits
    Previous: 1,312 (+20.88%)

    1,069 Absolute Unique Visitors
    Previous: 990 (+7.98%)

    3,965 Pageviews
    Previous: 3,512 (+12.90%)

    2.50 Average Pageviews
    Previous: 2.68 (-6.61%)

    00:02:44 Time on Site
    Previous: 00:03:18 (-16.88%)

    61.48% Bounce Rate
    Previous: 58.00% (+5.99%)

    55.55% New Visits
    Previous: 65.02% (-14.56%)

    I have 1 partner on blogglue and only 1/4 of my posts have been indexed by them. I’ve rejected many partnership requests because they are by awful junk sites, of which there are many on blogglue trying to game… anything and everything.

    I’m going to leave this running and keep watching the analytics.

    Here are my cumulative results in the 20 days since installing blog glue.

    Additional Page Views 146
    Additional Visits 2
    Total Inbound Links 982
    Total Internal Links 378
    Click Thru Rate 9.36%

    These numbers would be even better if more non-spammy blogs joined blog glue. I still only have 1 partner because all the other fishing blog on their network are spam dumps. I’m still letting this run. I have not seen a downside yet.

    Thanks for the report! Glad BlogGlue’s adding value for your blog. 🙂

    Since installing Blog Glue one month ago here’s what’s happened:

    I have 3 partners.

    Additional Page Views 211
    Additional Visits 4
    Total Inbound Links 1047
    Total Internal Links 411
    Click Thru Rate 9.72%

    This is pretty good considering i don’t have to do anything once it’s set up. My biggest gripe continues to be that many many users free and paid are just spam sites looking to game google. Choose your partners wisely.

    Indeed, “choose your partners wisely.” Thanks again for the update.

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