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  • YARPP seems like a wonderful plugin. However, if I tell YARPP to automatically display on posts, then YARPP also automatically displays a sidebar widget as well. I think this must be a bug.

    Normally one can use widget logic to suppress a widget but this widget just “appears” in the sidebar. The only way that I can find to stop this widget is to untick automatically display on posts.

    However, if I do that, I then have to use <?php related_posts(); ?>
    to display the output of YARPP. That is OK but I cannot find a way to style the output neatly.

    My site uses Graphene theme.

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  • Plugin Author jeffparker


    Hi, lakenjr. Checking “Automatically display on posts” should definitely not automatically display a sidebar widget. You might try disabling other plugins to see if any are interfering with YARPP.

    If you end up having to use related_posts(), you can edit your CSS to style the output the way you’d like.

    Hi, First of all I love the look of YARP. It’s the best I have been able to find! Sadly, I’m experiencing the same problem as lakenjr. Seeing this reply, I went and disabled all non-essential plugins but the problem persists. Is there any way to solve this? Can I perhaps block it from becoming a sidebar widget?
    I’m new to WordPress and equally new to coding. Could you perhaps explain to me how ” <?php related_posts(); ?>” can be used if it is impossible to block YARP in the sidebar?
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author jeffparker


    Hi @neahfeald. If you’re new to coding, I’d rather not recommend editing PHP code, but work on figuring out the sidebar widget issue.

    Can you confirm that the YARPP widget is not being used? (“Appearance” > “Widgets”)

    We just pushed out version YARPP 4.0.7, which includes a clean uninstall functionality, when you deactivate and delete through WordPress. You might try loading the new version and seeing if the widget issue gets resolved. If not, click “Delete” on the Plugins page to make sure YARPP database records are fully removed, then reactivate.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi Jeff,

    That’s right, YARP is deactivated at the moment because it messed up the entire sidebar if it isn’t. I found the plugin today, it’s YARP 4.0.7, so it’s already the latest version.
    I have tried a few other ‘related posts’ plugins and those mess up the sidebar as well. Looks like it’s an issue I can’t avoid unless I settle for related posts plugins that only do simple lists.
    I still much prefer to use YARP. I’m new to php yes but I’d rather try to fix the problem and learn to work with php while I’m at it (and perhaps even manage to solve it and finally use YARP!) than not try at all.
    Any help would be great!

    I have reactivated the plugin so that you can see the effect in case that helps to diagnose the problem!
    The plugin posts related posts in the sidebar (repeatedly and irregularly)

    My workaround was to insert the following html / PHP as the bottom of each post. The graphene theme makes this possible using an action hook (graphene advanced options post_footer). Alternatively, there are plugins to achieve this.

    <p style="font-size:20px">You may also be interested in:</p>
    <div class="yarpp-related">
     <?php related_posts(); ?>

    ALSO To style the above for my requirements, I used the YARPP settings form:

    Before related entries and then after related entries

    <ul style="list-style: none; line-height: 2em;"> 

    Before each related entry and then after each related entry

    <li>  •  

    Plugin Author jeffparker


    @neaheald, you also have “Similar posts” displaying, which might be another related post plugin. Can you deactivate your other plugins to see if the issue goes away?

    @lakenjr, are you happy with the display now?

    For both of you, I’d appreciate if you would let me know how you heard about YARPP, using this short survey:


    I am very happy with the layout achieved by using php related_posts. I will carry out further tests to see if I can revert to using YARPP without the php. I will report back on this.

    I think I encountered my problems in conjunction with the plugin Special Recent Posts (Free edition) – this plugin has now been withdrawn and replaced with a PRO version which I do not use.

    Plugin Author jeffparker


    Great. Glad to hear!

    @jeffparker, that’s right, though that isn’t a plugin, that’s just a standard widget option to list posts from the same category/tags. As I mentioned before, I had all the non-essential plugins deactivated (of course including all similar plugins) and the bug persisted.

    @ Lakenjr, great and detailed explanation, you’ve been a great help! Thank you so much.

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