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  • Hi all,

    does anyone has ever experienced problems with the yarpp plugin using massive sql queries like this ? :

    SELECT ID, post_title, post_date, post_content, (MATCH (post_content)
    AGAINST ('text text text text text text text text text text')) as bodyscore, (MATCH(post_title) AGAINST ('text2 text2 text3 text4 text text[picture]')) as titlescore, COUNT( DISTINCT tagtax.term_taxonomy_id ) AS
    tagscore, COUNT( DISTINCT cattax.term_taxonomy_id ) AS catscore, ((MATCH
    (post_content) AGAINST ('more text more textmore textmore textmore textmore text')) * 1 + (MATCH (post_title) AGAINST ('more textmore textmore textmore text [picture]')) * 1 + COUNT( DISTINCT tagtax.term_taxonomy_id ) * 1 + COUNT( DISTINCT cattax.term_taxonomy_id ) * 1) AS score  FROM wp_posts left JOIN wp_term_relationships AS thistag ON
    (thistag.object_id = 1649 )
            left JOIN wp_term_relationships AS tagrel on
    (tagrel.term_taxonomy_id = thistag.term_taxonomy_id
            AND tagrel.object_id = wp_posts.ID)
            left JOIN wp_term_taxonomy AS tagtax ON ( tagrel.term_taxonomy_id =tagtax.term_taxonomy_id
            AND tagtax.taxonomy = 'post_tag') 
            left JOIN wp_term_relationships AS thiscat ON (thiscat.object_id =1649 )
            left JOIN wp_term_relationships AS catrel on
    (catrel.term_taxonomy_id = thiscat.term_taxonomy_id
            AND catrel.object_id = wp_posts.ID)
            left JOIN wp_term_taxonomy AS cattax ON ( catrel.term_taxonomy_id =cattax.term_taxonomy_id
            AND cattax.taxonomy = 'category') 
            where (post_status IN ( 'publish',  'static' ) && ID != '1649') and
    post_date <= '2008-10-27 11:42:23'  and post_password =''
            and post_type IN ('post') GROUP BY id  having  score >= 5 order by
    score DESC limit 5

    this sql query causes the sql database to die because of the extreme slowness in response..

    what’s your experience / comment about that ?

    any help will be really appreciated..

    tks !

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  • Well, that is the main query for YARPP, so I guess you will have to disable the plugin. You can experiment with turning off the tags + categories match criteria. That should improve your performance.

    You can also try explain-ing the query to see where the bottleneck is… this may identify a weakness in your setup.

    In the near future I will be working on adding a caching system in my plugin so these performance issues disappear. Perhaps you can “re-trust” this plugin at that time.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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