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  • I run a high-traffic blog, and until this week I had no idea why I was getting tons of database errors and sitewide slow down of my blog. I was using YARPP version 3.0 plugin with W3 Total Cache which caused my blog to hang and crash whenever I edited a post. My visitors frequently complained about the slow loading time of the blog. I blamed my host, who blamed wordpress. I updated to the latest wordpress installation and I installed the latest YARPP plugin (3.5.1), but the problems only got worse. My blog crashed while I was attempting to post, and I received fatal Db errors. I couldn’t even get into my blog to disable the YARPP plugin, so I deleted it from the server using the ftp. Right away my blog returned to normal and I was able to post again. The YARPP plugin is not recommended for high-traffic blogs. I appreciate mitcho for his hard work on the plugin, but he should be more forthcoming about the critical database errors with larger websites.

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  • Hi There,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with YARPP. As you mentioned, these problems are some of the pitfalls when running YARPP or some other content plugins on highly trafficked sites. I work for nRelate, and we create free Related Content plugins for publishers of all sizes. We have been increasing our presence in the WordPress community and have been well received by 35,000+ sites. Our plugin does not do any work on your servers, as we do all of the indexing on our end. This allows highly trafficked sites to run smoothly without experiencing the speed and crashing issues you cited. We have worked to make our plugin as publisher friendly as possible and want publishers to be able to control ever aspect of our design. Our publishers can choose from our many styles, or can choose to design their own with custom CSS. It would be great to have an active WordPress member such as yourself give us a try and let us know what you think. We are constantly trying to improve and believe that we have a flexible solution for large and small publishers alike. We can be found and downloaded right in the WordPress Directory… Happy to answer any of your questions, your feedback would be more than helpful. Have a great day.

    Many Thanks!
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