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    Hi there,

    I have been meaning to ask this for some time.

    I always try to get the tags in such a way so that posts that are related appear in the “related posts” bit. However I have noticed that older posts’ recommendations are not changed over time. For example if I did a post
    “5 ways to improve X” in October
    and later I posted
    “6 more ways to improve X” in November
    in the second one I would be told there is a post called “5 ways to improve X”, while the first one would not tell me there is a post called “6 more ways to improve X”.

    Have I managed to explain myself?
    In other words YARPP only seem to be looking at the post at the moment of publication, and it never re-examines the situation to make sure everything is up-to-date. Is there a way to make it refresh the content it produces at least now and again?


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  • It sounds like you have the “Show only previous posts?” option turned on. Go to your YARPP settings, go to “screen options” in the top right and turn on the “Relatedness” options. There, do you see the “Show only previous posts?” option? Try turning this off and saving.

    Hi there,

    thanks for that.

    My version has been translated into Italian, so let’s see if we can understand each other:). I think I have fond “relatedness”, but within it I’ve only found something that can be backt-ransalted as “show only articles from the last …” and it is NOT ticked.

    Is that what you mean?

    I think that’s the option I was talking about. 🙂

    That is odd. It might be that that option is stuck in some way. Try turning it on, saving, then turning it off, and saving again. I hope that helps.

    Alas, no difference with either the box ticked or un-ticked.

    Do the others see newer posts being recommended in their older posts?
    Could it be another CSS related issue, like the thumbnails that do not want to work with my theme (which I am about to change anyway…)?

    Besides, I don’t think it is version-related as I don’t believe it has ever worked.

    Two things:

    1. The option “show only articles from the last” is not what I was talking about. I was talking about the ” Show only previous posts?” under the “relatedness” box, not the “pool” box.

    2. There is a bug where changing this value doesn’t trigger recomputation of the results. This is fixed in this beta. Please use this new beta, and then save/resave the “show only previous posts?” option choice:

    Ok, sorry… my fault. I got mixed up with the translations. I have found the bit you are mentioning and now the box is NOT ticked and IT WORKS!!!

    Oh, I am using your latest beta as indicated.

    Thanks VERY much:)

    Great! 😀

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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