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  • I really like this plugin, and I really really want to use it. Unfortunately, it’s conflicting with another plugin, Auto Excerpt Everywhere. Basically what’s happening is this:

    Auto Excerpt Everywhere makes all of my blog posts an excerpt on the blog page. But when I actually click on those individual posts, the post is expanded to show the entire content of the post.

    Once installed, YARPP looks beautiful. Except that on each individual blog post (except the most recent one, oddly enough), the post is an excerpt. The excerpt contains a “Read more” link, but when it click on it, it just takes me right back to the same page I’m on and there’s still an excerpt there.

    I’ve activated and deactivated both and I’m seeing that these are the two plugins conflicting with each other. When only one is activated they both work perfectly, but together all I see is an excerpt on the individual blog pages.

    Any help? I’d love to have both here.


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  • Thanks for bringing this up. This is quite odd. Can you post a link to where this is happening and also a link to the Auto Excerpt Everywhere plugin? I can try to see if I can reproduce the issue locally.

    Hi Michael, thanks for the response. The Auto Excerpt Everywhere plugin can be found here:

    This was occurring on at, but I’ve disabled YARPP since it’s happening on a live site.

    So at present YARPP is disabled and Auto Excerpt Everywhere is enabled. If you go to the blog page, you’ll see the last 10 or so recent posts in excerpt form (due to Auto Excerpt Everywhere). When you click on one of those posts, it takes you to the post page with the fully expanded content. When YARPP is enabled, however, the individual blog page still only shows the excerpt.

    Just to make sure I’m not going crazy, I just tested them again. Auto Excerpt Everywhere is enabled already, and everything seems to work fine. I enabled YARPP and the same behavior is exhibited. I disabled YARPP and functionality returned. I’ve also played with the YARPP settings (e.g. with/without thumbnail, etc.) with no change in behavior.

    Thanks again for the response. Please let me know if you have any bright ideas.

    I just tried installing Auto Excerpt Everywhere on my test site and wasn’t able to reproduce this. I’m getting an archive page where each entry is turned into an excerpt with an accurate “Read more” link, and then followed by YARPP results. The “read more” link takes me to the full post. This is with the “Also display in archives” option turned on in YARPP.

    What version of WP is this? Are you running any other plugins that might be affecting how post content or archives are displayed?

    Thanks again for the response. I’m running WP 3.5.1 (latest version). All of my plugins are also up to date. I’m not running any other plugins that I can think of that would affect post displays.

    I’ll leave both activated for a day or two so you can take a look at it, if you’d like. Not sure if it’ll help any, but I’ll leave it up there anyway.

    Thanks again.

    Could you try running the latest beta of YARPP? I may not have been able to reproduce it because I’m using this version, and there are some relevant changes that might have fixed this issue too.

    I installed the beta version, but I’m still getting the same issue. I’ll also look to see if I can find another Excerpt plugin. Shame these two aren’t playing nice together.

    OK, I deactivated Auto Excerpt Everywhere and installed/activated Auto Excerpt (different plugin, different author). When I did this, the following was displayed on my individual post page:

    __reach_config = { pid: '50c0093b642b24550e000002', title: 'Why Media Helps with Language Learning', tags: ["language"," learning"," methods"], authors: ["Kenneth Trent"], channels: ["language","methods"], slide_logo: false, slide_active: true, icon: '', date: '2013-01-25 19:51:52', url:

    I deactivated YARRP, and the post displayed properly. I reactivated it, and received the same chunk above. Does that snippet of code above look familiar to you?

    OK, sorry to Spam. That snipped above came from another plugin, The Slide, by Simple Reach. I’ve deactivated that plugin, and the code snipped went away. However, I’m still getting the same problem where only excerpts are displayed, whether I’m using Excerpt Everywhere or Auto Excerpt Everywhere. =/

    Thanks for the updates. The “reach_config” is not anything from YARPP, so it indeed is probably from Slide.

    You mean you’re getting only excerpts even on single page displays, and this is fixed when YARPP is disabled?

    That’s correct.

    As an update, I disabled the Slide and that error went away, but the excerpts remained. I did find another “Related Posts” plugin that I’m using for now, but I’d be happy to give YARPP another shot if we can get this resolved. I honestly don’t have a clue where this is originating, I just know YARPP and Auto Excerpts Everywhere are conflicting on my site.

    I’d be happy to help troubleshoot further with you if you’d like, though I also understand if it’s not worth your time (and since I do have a functioning replacement). If it’s not feasible to troubleshoot it, let me know and I’ll mark this thread as resolved.


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