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    In settings “Display using a custom template file” the “Template file:” drop-down list is empty, so there is nothing to configure.

    There are 6 yarpp*.php files in subdirectory…

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  • Anyone here using Yarpp 3.3.1 with WordPress 3.2.1 that are able to select templates from the drop-down list in the settings?

    I have the same problem. It appears it has to do with the plugin using the glob function to check if any template files are located in your theme folder (STYLESHEETPATH to be exact). The glob function is not available on all systems.

    Perhaps the author can come up with another way of checking for template files.

    Pheeew 🙂

    I thought I was the only one, as the author hasn’t commented in over a week and nobody else commented on having issues.

    Thanks for letting me/us know and hinting what might be the cause 🙂

    Have the yarpp-template….php files all been moved to the active theme? Are you using a child theme? @microkid what platforms do not support glob? I was not aware that that was an issue.

    Hi Mitcho,

    I installed plugin using automatic method.

    The template files are in subdirectory ../plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/yarpp-templates. They are not also in active theme subdirectory. Why should they…?

    I do not use child theme.


    You need to move those files manually to your active theme if you want to use that feature. As simple as that.


    That is contrary to all other plugins, and WordPress logistics. Plugins go to directory..\plugins, themes go to directory ..\themes. This making certain that plugins are not theme dependant, so that when changing a theme the plugin will not change version/loose files.

    Why cannot these files be utilized in their default location when plugin is installed automatically?

    That said – when I copied these files to theme directory, I had the following result:
    yarpp-template-example: “Related posts” in bold otherwise same posts without using it (no additiopnal info)
    yarpp-template-list: “Related posts” in bold, otherwise same posts listed.
    yarpp-template-photoblog: “Related posts” in bold, no posts listed.
    yarpp-template-random: “Related posts” in bold, otherwise same posts listed.
    yarpp-template-thumbnail: “Related photos” in bold, but no posts listed.
    yarpp-template-wpml: “Related Posts B” in bold, otherwise same posts listed.

    Common to all is that no additional information to the post title is displayed. In addition no score is displayed when logged in as Admin.

    What’s most important for me is the ability to either display photo, and/or the categories of the related posts.


    I’m using Woothemes’ Aperture 2.6, and they use timthumb, so by default I will not get any image using yarpp-template-thumbnail.

    Will you make a timthumb-template?

    Yes, this is unusual for WordPress plugins, but the issue is that the templates offered are *examples*… the templating is a powerful framework that you can build on. If you keep custom templates in the yarpp directory, the next time YARPP gets updated your changes will be overridden. Moreover, the customizations you make will most likely be theme-specific, so these files *do* belong in your theme. If you don’t like what you get with one, you can modify it just like you would a regular theme file. More info here:

    I’m looking into your partner LinkWithin-Inspired YARPP Template, but like many others I have no luck in getting any image on thumbnails yet. Despite using timthumb – in fact Woothemes use it by default on the Aperture theme I use. They only change the file name to thumb.php.

    Frustrating, as yarpp is a really excellent initiative, but that little extra with thumbnails is really hard to make work….

    Sorry you’re having trouble with it. I have no experience with timthumb so can’t contribute anything, but I can’t imagine it being too hard. Perhaps you could suggest that timthumb’s authors release a yarpp template?

    Yeah – that’s the problem – timthumb is the de-facto standard (add-on) for dynamic image resizing for WordPress, so it’s actually the other way around 🙂

    Hopefully LinkWithin-Inspired YARPP Template is maturing fast 🙂

    timthumb is the de-facto standard (add-on) for dynamic image resizing for WordPress

    Um – no it isn’t. It is currently actively discouraged in themes.

    Hi Esmi,

    Could you please link to these discouragements!

    Google returns 38 700 000 hits on ‘timthumb’, so I extremely widespread it is.


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