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  1. morris taub
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I just installed WP2.7.1 and loaded the yapb plug-in...I keep getting this message on the dashboard...

    "Could not create YAPB Cache directory automatically.
    Please create /f1/content/myachingheart/public/wp-content/yapb_cache/ manually. Don't forget to set the according directory permissions to 777 or 775."

    Can someone tell me where to put this line of code, how to set it up? I'm just not sure if I need to create a new folder within the plug-in itself and save this line :


    as a new php document or maybe place it someplace in an existing php, stylesheet?...I guess I'm asking how to create a cache directory.

    Ok, that's it...some clarity about this appreciated...much thanks...


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