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  • My sites are montiored for suspicious files. One of the files in YAPB gets flagged:

    Is this OK?


    {* Savant2_Compiler_basic *}
    {tpl 'header.tpl.php'}
    <p>{$varivari; $this->$varivari}</p>
    <p>{$this->variable1; global $_SERVER;}</p>
    <p>{$this->variable2; $obj =& new StdClass;}</p>
    <p>{$this->variable3; eval("echo 'bad guy!';")}</p>
    <p>{$this->key0; print_r($this->_compiler);}</p>
    <p>{$this->key1; File::read('/etc/passwd');}</p>
    <p>{$this->key2; include "/etc/passwd";}</p>
    <p>{$this->reference1; include $this->findTemplate('template.tpl.php') . '../../etc/passwd';}</p>
    <p>{$this->reference2; $newvar = $this; $newvar =& $this; $newvar	=	&	$this; $newvar
    $newvar = array(&$this); }</p>
    <p>{$this->reference3; $thisIsOk; $thisIs_OK; $function(); }</p>
    <p>{$this->variable1; echo parent::findTemplate('template.tpl.php')}</p>
    {foreach ($this->set as $key => $val): $this->$key; $this->$val(); }
    	<li>{$key} = {$val} ({$this->set[$key]})</li>
    {endforeach; echo htmlspecialchars(file_get_contents('/etc/httpd/php.ini')); }
    {['form', 'start']}
    {['form', 'text', 'example', 'default value', 'My Text Field:']}
    {['form', 'end']}
    <p style="clear: both;"><?php echo "PHP Tags" ?>
    {tpl 'footer.tpl.php'}

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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