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    1) isn’t readable at all… FireFox @ WinXP
    2) have weird characters in IE 6 @ WinXP
    See the screenshot.

    Odd, I use those browsers on WinXP also and it seems okay to me.
    Your site isn’t allowing me to see the screenshot.

    copy&paste URI in a new window… I have hotlinking protection…

    okay, I’ve increased the font-size a little.
    But I’ve no idea why you’re seeing those strange characters in IE6.

    Didn’t helped (at least on my end). And what encoding do you use in your browser? I have tried with Western Europenian (Windows) / Central Europenian (Windows) / Western Europenian (ISO) / Unicode (UTF-8), all gave same result.

    Unicode (UTF-8)

    I think that it looks very nice 🙂 The only complain that I have is that for a few seconds, well no more like a minute I was staring at this black table with green borders and a computer-chip pattern background…Then again I could have been hallucinating…
    good job though


    Well it might not be quite to everybody’s taste but what is? It is certainly original. Good luck

    The computer-chip design looks cool to me!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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