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  • I’ve a website hosted with Yahoo! for 10 years — created with Microsoft FrontPage. While I’d long intended to bring it into the 21st Century, I kept putting this off due to time constraints…until, that is, I received an email from Yahoo! in August, announcing that, as of Sept. 12, FrontPage would no longer be supported.

    As a result, last Friday evening I downloaded the latest version of WordPress and began learning how to use it. Despite some tense moments of getting stuck at various points (and running into a few inexplicable glitches with line spaces not being accepted), over the past week, I’ve managed to create a (static) site I’m absolutely, thrilled with, consisting of close to 20 pages.

    Finally, tonight I felt I was ready to upload it to my server at Yahoo. I use File Zilla — my first experience with ftp — and ran into an error message about permission being denied by the server. I therefore called Yahoo and spoke with a customer service rep. He performed various tests, got the permission matter worked out, and the site began uploading.

    Midway through this process, the rep asks what version of WordPress I used — because he could see that my home page had transferred, but he was unable to view it. As it turns out, Yahoo apparently does not yet support the newest version of WP — he recommended “something around 2.8.”

    Needless to say, I’m beyond disappointed — not to mention concerned, as I need my site to be up and running, literally, tomorrow. My question is, what’s involved in downloading a prior version of WP, and switching my site over to it? Is this at all advisable?

    Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.


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  • You can download archived versions easily, but it’s probably not not wise to install one on a live site.

    “This is an archive of every release we’ve done that we have a record of.

    None of these are safe to use, except the latest in the 3.2 series, which is actively maintained.”

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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