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  • Have been trying get Yahoo Weather to work on a page, but it won’t stay where I put it 🙁

    I try to put the yahooweather shortcode at the bottom of the page but when the page displays the information, the weather details are at the top of the page, just under the title.

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  • Hey mrcycling,

    Did you try putting the code in “text” widget and grab-drop it in your sidebar?

    The sidebar approach doesn’t really work for our usage, as we want the weather info to match the city that is written up on each page. And since they all share the same template/sidebar, we need to place it within the page copy and hopefully in a place that is consistent with the flow of the copy on the page. But thanks for your suggestion.

    You might want to post your website link, so that others can help easier 🙂
    Good luck

    Unfortunately it is an employee only website, that we prefer to keep off the spiders radar.

    did you wrap the shortcode in a div and style in css? Gives good control over positioning

    <div id="weather">your code</div>

    #weather {
         margin: whatev;

    guess I forgot to ask….you are doing this in a template…or directly in a page from the editor?

    It is being done in the page through the editor. Each page needs different cities, so it can’t be part of the sidebar or template.

    The latest update seems to have eliminated the issue. Thank you Magnus.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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