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  • Yahoo has made their shopping API available and now they have an affiliate program. This would be great WordPress plugin to add comparison shopping to our sites. Have any programmers created a plugin for yahoo shopping?

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  • It looks like something I might be able to integrate into my evolution of CG-Amazon into a more ‘pluggable’ commercial system. I’m already looking at a number of web-services that provide different shopping information, so this looks like a natural addition to that list… 😉

    Any update on this david?

    nope. 😉 I had looked at it, but put it aside as I didn’t hear a lot of interest out there — not to mention I’d have to finish my overhaul of CG-Amazon and release my v2 (which is looking like it might need to be a ‘paid’ version for more features… I can’t afford the upkeep for [mostly] free at this point…).

    it’s more powerful in many ways, but that also makes it more complex. for individual items inserted inline into a post or sidebar, probably wouldn’t be too bad. For the general product queries, or the detailed ‘products listing’ pages, would be a bit tougher…


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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