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  • As of a few days ago I am no longer getting Contact Form 7 emails from people with a email address. They are getting the mail2 message that is sent to them but I am not getting the original message. I’ve tested this on two websites using different contact forms on each and it is the same issue. The senders have even replied to the mail2 message and I’ve gotten those without an issue. I do get orders successfully via WooCommerce from people with addresses so I know it isn’t a Gmail issue or a server issue. And I get emails from other domains without a problem.

    I did set up Flamingo this morning and it is capturing submissions from people that are certainly not going though. The sender gets the mail2 message but I still don’t get the main submitted form via email.

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  • Ok, I tested this on an old WP 3.5.1 website that I never update and emails are going through. In fact the send time on the old WP website is seconds whereas on the 3.8.2 up to date websites it takes up to 15 seconds to send.

    Having the same problem. Hope this gets fixed soon

    Having the same problem.

    Here’s how I’m set up: I have a contact form on every page of my site which collects sales leads. The form sends an email to an email address which I monitor, but I also have that email address forward all leads automatically to my sales manager, who happens to use

    Now, here’s what’s going on: I get the contact form emails from address no problem. However, the forward to my sales manager doesn’t go through, presumably because I’m using the actual customer’s email address as the “from” or “return” address (not sure which) when it forwards to him.

    Here’s the cause I think, but I’m stumped as to how to address the issue:

    Basically, Yahoo requests that other servers decline to forward emails that say they are coming from Yahoo, but are not actually coming from Yahoo. I could change all of my contact forms to generate an email that DOESN’T use the customer’s email address as the originating email and just pass the customer’s email address as data in the email, but that means the sales person who is working the lead can’t just reply to it and it kills some other useful stuff in terms of how we enter customer info into our customer relationship management system.

    I’m going to look deeply at how I have my forms set up, but I’d love to hear from any others how they are dealing with this.

    I have the same issue. The only email that I do not receive is

    I can receive all email providers even if it garbage like !!!

    Please help!!!

    Me too. I can make up any crazy fake domain and have it go through. But an “@yahoo” account? Nope. Really really frustrating…

    @yahoo isn’t working for me either…its got to be a glitch in the plugin.

    i just sent the creators an email to let them know it’s going on….I would suggest that others do the same so that this problem can be taken care of asap.


    i’m not sure if this counts as a “support request” since it’s clearly an error that needs to be fixed! I took the chance! : )



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    This doesn’t really have anything to do with the plugin. all it can do is send out the email to your server for delivery. It is your hosts who (through the configuration of the server) determine which emails will – or won’t – be sent successfully.

    Try contacting your hosts about this. They may be blocking these emails at their end.

    No, it is a plugin problem that has cropped up since the last WP update.

    I have a WP install that is old. Here is the second message I posted in this thread:

    “Ok, I tested this on an old WP 3.5.1 website that I never update and emails are going through. In fact the send time on the old WP website is seconds whereas on the 3.8.2 up to date websites it takes up to 15 seconds to send.”


    RE: No, it is a plugin problem that has cropped up since the last WP update.

    You are almost certainly incorrect. People will be more likely to solve this problem if they focus on the comment from @mlecki which provides information on a suggested change in email policies for emails from Yahoo.

    @mlecki – you are likely to be on the right track regarding this issue.

    The From: address used in the Mail section of the CF7 interface can be very important in determining if an email is able to be sent.
    This can be significant problem if you collect the From: email address in your CF7 form and then use this info in the Mail section of the CF7 interface.

    ​​For example using the default From: [your-name] <[your-email]> is very useful. It means you can simply hit reply to answer emails that you receive from people filling in your form. ​

    But you need hosting that allows any email to be used as the From: email. For some hosts though the From Email Address needs to be a valid email on that domain.

    In your case you could avoid using the customer input Email address as the From address but include the collected email address as a mailto: link in the body of the email.

    See also Contact Form 7 Email Issues – there is section there called Ensure proper return address is used that deals with this issue.

    Well then that sure is one hell of a coincidence!

    The day I upgrade my WP install CF7 no longer sends me @yahoo emails.


    Miraculously the old WP install, the install that I did not update, still does send me @yahoo emails. In fact I just tested it again and it still will send me an email from CF7. I’d be willing to bet that if I did a fresh WP install of a older version of WP it would send emails.

    Same host…same VPS…yet different behavior on different WP installs.

    @jkwalz – does this mean it was “sure is one hell of a coincidence!”

    I had the same problem ONLY for emails:

    I sorted it by:

    Under Mail tab in Edit Contact Form settings:

    Instead using [your-name] <[your-email]> in From tab,
    use your email e.g.

    Also install Flamingo plugin (same author as Contact Form 7).
    You will see the email submissions irrespective if they are sent to your email.

    Is this a final solution or will the plugin be updated to make yahoo sender get through?

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