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    I’ve been using Yahoo Webhosting for a while, but I’m new to WordPress.
    I contacted Yahoo – they won’t support WordPress.

    The outta the box install of Prerelease Candidate 2 for 2.0 is, i believe, what Yahoo has installed for me.

    There’s two simple posts.

    The Yahoo RSS feed seems to be entirely wrong.
    When I compare (via view source) the text of other RSS feeds, it seem to be an entirely different XML format. complains about line 4 which is the first non-blank line.

    The site is located at
    with links to the feeds at the bottom of the page.

    I’ve searched about the support pages and haven’t found anything that seems to address this problem.

    Any insight into this?

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  • update:

    It seems the problem is three blank lines being added to the head of the xml.

    The source being output is at

    with the heading three blank lines removed, at accepts the second one

    What is causing this addition of blank lines?
    How can I stop it?

    Alternately, where should I look? (Was an OpenStep/C/Objective-C programmer in a former life)


    had 3-4 trailing empty lines causing the problem

    I had the exact same problem.
    I edited the ysbcwhmast.php file to remove the 3-4 trailing empty lines (did you mean .php instead of .html)?

    I’m having the same problem on my blog ( I tried updating the ywhsbcmast.php file, but Yahoo isn’t allowing me to upload the changed file.

    Any ideas?

    Edit the file in your file manager window in your yahoo account (push the notepad and pencil icon next to the file) and save it.

    I have the same problems, but the changes did not do a thing. I end up on a blank page.

    The message I get fromm is:-


    This feed does not validate.

    line 2, column 0: XML parsing error: <unknown>:2:0: xml declaration not at start of external entity [help]

    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><feed version=”0.3″

    Any clues?

    got the feed working for atom and rss0.9 but not rss2. is there a wp-rss2.php file?

    here is the same for me, but with the difference that i cannot find a ysbcwhmast.php file in my folders, anyway there is a ywhmast.php in the plugin folder, but no extra empty line at the end, i’ve checked where there could be errors like that but haven’t found….

    Cross-correlating/posting a few other threads in case it helps; I note that ALL are left at a dead end HELP!

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    I have a solution that worked for me, primarily involving some single-quote to double-quote conversion in the file wp-rss2.php, for which I have posted the old/new file comparison here on my blog. I am cross-posting this to a total of 5 different threads here on the WordPress support forum, mainly out of a desire to help those whom I know must have also been going crazy with this or similar problems. Many thanks for sticking with it!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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