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  • I recently switched from Typepad to WP hosted at Yahoo after Six Apart’s inability to run stable services became apparent. To my dismay, things are hardly better with Yahoo.

    My site was caught up in the database failure a couple weeks back, and now, it’s simply slow as molasses (when it actually does load and doesn’t time out).

    It’s incredibly frustrating to get this kind of service from one of WP’s hosting partners — that partnership is an implicit recommendation of Yahoo’s service, and Yahoo appears unable to live up to it.

    Yahoo’s support is awful, its service abysmal, hell, even it’s prices aren’t good. I went with them because I’d assumed the WP partnership would reap some user benefit, but if it does, I sure don’t see it.

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  • Look you can’t blame ppl at WordPress for Yahell. You need some hosting better to go to one of the small independent host. The reason is simple, I mean if you wish to talk to a real person. The large portals are sooo huge that they just don’t offer customer service. I think maybe WordPress right on with a self help format but still its not easy.

    Like I’m having trouble with setting catagories and connecting to tags. I’m a bit of a newbie so its an honest mistake but I was curious if anyone has an idea how we build into tags. I mean, should we do tags like keywords or are they more like meta tags?


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    I use dreamhost – – which are fabulous. Support is second to none (actual real live people reply to your emails and everything ^_~) and I’ve not had any none-scheduled downtime in the 6 months I’ve been with them.

    I have a code for $50 off; just stick in CANNYCAT50 when you checkout.

    As a reminder to all, any coupons for dreamhost also give money to the referer. I think the scheme is that dreamhost gives its users $95 to split up between themselves and the refered customer. So in this case, cannycat50 may get 45 bux. I could be wrong on the exact figures, but not on the substance.

    Yep, it’s $92 (I think). But, I dont get anything until your 3 month trial is over, and you decide to stick with them – you get a full refund up til that point if you’re unhappy 🙂

    It’s classic network marketing, with two choices of payment options. If the service is solid, there’s nothing at all wrong with paying people to be your sales force. The problems only start if the service quality falters, but people keep trying to push a bad product. So far, that doesn’t appear to be the case; although recent troubles on a couple servers seem to have some people steaming, while people on unaffected servers are as happy as ever. Gee, almost like every other site on the web, these days. 🙂

    yaa i found hulk97 gives 97us$ discount , well about the yahoo if i am right codex is hosted in yahoo there work fine

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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