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  • I called yahoo first thing this morning when I saw my blog was down and they said it must be a WP problem and I told them that no, I think it’s a yahoo problem. I am getting very frustrated with Yahoo- I have only had them for a couple of weeks but anytime I try to reach them about something that is clearly the result of Yahoo, they say “oh, but you use WP so we can’t help you.”

    I still can’t get on my blog and everything was fine last night- I changed nothing.

    Is anybody having any luck resolving this issue?

    One more thing- they told me to emai the wp-php yahoo address and it just bounced back to me. So I sent another email to customer support and no response yet.

    This is very frustrating.

    Well, I’m glad when I posted this last night that I’m not the only one who is having the problem. I’m going to contact Yahoo! now and see what their response is.

    Good luck to you all.

    (and BTW clearing the cache and history in your browser does bupkiss)

    problem fixed at 12:51pm central time for me at

    Its back up for me as well

    It is back up for me now as well.

    I have had Yahoo Hosting for about a year and this is the first problem I have had with them, but using Word Press is new to me. I just downloaded it a few weeks ago. I moved over from b2evolution and I love Word Press so much more, so I hope Yahoo can be a reliable host for it.

    It’s back for me as well. I have been with Yahoo hosting for LESS than a week and already have this major outage. I think we need to find out what the issue was. An hour, even two, I can understand on rare occasions (happens to almost all hosting services now and then), but NOT an outage of this duration. Anything like this happens again *any time soon* and I’m going to have to move to a new service.

    It is my hope that the WordPress team will also help us get answers on this since they have such a visible partnership now.

    I’m just gonna give this quick post, G/L:

    I noticed the same thing and emailed right as it happened in addition to calling. Here is the response I got the following morning.

    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Web Hosting.

    As you have noticed, we’ve experienced some technical difficulties. At last report the problem was corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you.

    If you notice any further difficulty with your account, or if we can be of assistance in another matter, please let us know by replying to this email. If you describe in as much detail as possible the problem you are having, any steps you took leading up to the error, how frequently it occurs, and the exact text of any error messages you receive, it will help us to provide a solution more quickly.

    It was a problem with their MySQL database on serveral of the hosting servers. It was corrected after about 8 hours. Only people on certain host servers were effected as far as I can tell.

    As you’ve noticed, we had a problem with one of our database servers in a relatively new farm yesterday. When, through the normal course of business, this server was restarted, we discovered that a key process was initially misconfigured. This misconfiguration rendered certain database-driven features and applications – including WordPress – unusable after the restart. Although a small set of our user base (<1%) was affected, this was obviously painful for those affected, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    A planned upgrade to our monitoring system this month will help us proactively catch this particular type of failure in the future, and we’ve modified our farm setup process to avoid this type of configuration issue in the future. We are proud of the 99.9% uptime Yahoo! Web Hosting has maintained over the past year and will work hard to meet your needs moving forward. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your continued support.

    That’s nice YahooGuy, and thanks for posting this.
    However, if you decided to offer special hosting for WP users you guys should educate your support personnel so they wont’t give all kind of stupid answers as you can read in many topics here.
    Especially don’t let them send your clients to WP forums regarding your server/hosting issues! Or, if your people is sending the clients here, please pay us for supporting your crappy WP setup…

    My WP was down also and I have only had for about 3 weeks. I sent them an email yesterday morning about it and finally recieved an email back today. Guess what the email said? It was a very long explanation on telling me how to refresh the page…LoL They said your site is visible. I was like duh, I know this now but thanks for waiting over 24 hours to respond to my email. The yahoo support SUCKS! Well I see now that I wasn’t the only one with the same problem.

    this is interesting…

    earlier i was working on a friends blog and was logged into the FTP for it and then all of a sudden it logged me out and wouldn’t let me back in. I tried logging in through the website and it would just take me to a page for me to pick a service plan to use for the domain. which is wierd cause the other domain he has works just fine. all i had previously done in the day was move a test blog from one directory to another, which i have done several times successfully without problem. I even went to the site and tested everything after the move and everything was working just perfect. a lil later he sends me an email saying that things seem to be messed up on it. I try to log in and it won’t let me…

    we are both confused with this… hopefully he will have better luck with yahoo’s support than others here seem to have had…

    YahooGuy its good to see that you are interested in what your customers are saying. Hopefully this will lead to better performance for all.

    Just in case you missed it here is a complimentary link to the problem

    You can always give yahoo a little bit of advertising on how well their service is and if enough people see it maybe they will get to the bottom of it.
    Here is how:
    In the directory where you have word press installed, go into the subdirectory wp-includes and open wb-db.php. Around line 45 you see a header tag and if you read on you will see the information that you look at when the data base is down. I am having trouble on a site I manage with a particular host (same issue yahoo is expirencing sounds like) and because of lack of support my error now reads like this:
    Error establishing a database connection:
    This is a technical issue with the (bold letters) web host (end of bold). If you see this page for more than one minute after refreshing your browser contact our host and I give them the address to the host. It is a customer site, so I am nice (I don’t pay the bill on it in other words), but I can think of a ton of stuff to fill in if I were paying for it.

    Cheers and let your visitors know just how good your web host is.

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