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  • Were you always getting this error or did you just get it?
    Is your database proper?
    Are the settings in wp-config.php correct?

    I’ve had this hosting thru Yahoo for about a week and half and this the first time this has happened.

    What do you mean by proper?

    The only thing that I changed earlier today was a line of code to make the banner clickable. I tried it and it worked fine about 5 hours ago. Now this.

    Any correlation?

    I also got the error message.
    My site was fine a few hours ago.

    Same here for +/-8 hours now hosted on Yahoo

    No good for SEO. In a case like this I like to see a 500 error. If a robot comes along all pages are looking the same. Time to improve the wordpress error handling.

    I’m hosted on Yahoo but not having any problems whatsoever. Try refreshing, deleting your cache, using a different browser.

    strange I just checked your DNS and mine

    01/10/06 09:40:10 dns
    Canonical name:

    01/10/06 09:40:53 dns
    Canonical name:

    only one DNS available for me

    I am getting the error too. I have tried using a different browser as well. I suspect some of the Yahoo servers are acting up, since not everyone is seeing this error.

    How to contact Yahoo?
    someone already did?

    Ralf — I also have another domain name that is forwarded to the site you checked, so that may be why there are so many results. Please check the other thread on this topic,, to see what I recommend doing.

    Just a rant, personally, but I think the people at WP need to know that their partnering with Yahoo has not been as great as everyone made it out to be. When I let Yahoo install WP 2.0 for me, it basically broke everything. Misdirected permalinks, no comment notifcation, lost posts (all this after I imported my old databse into my new install). They REQUIRE that you install your blog into a directory, which makes for extremely long permalinks, and they have very little support for PHP or SQL. One of the reasons I went with Yahoo Hosting was their 24-hour telephone support, but when you call, half the people don’e even know what WordPress is. They told me once that I had to contact the maker of the software for issues with it, even though Yahoo was the once who installed the software.

    I tried Yahoo’s 2.0 (beta, by the way, not even the full release yet) for two weeks before I deleated their install and re-installed Duke on my own. Since then, everything has worked like a charm.

    Other than this one software issue, I’ve NEVER had any trouble with Yahoo’s hosting — I just think they should have spent a little more time working out the kinks of this partnership and educating their customer service reps before claiming to fully support WP.

    I think the people at WP need to know that their partnering with Yahoo has not been as great as everyone made it out to be.

    I signed in to Yahoo webhosting through WordPress to support WordPress by affiliate earnings – I hope they will listen.

    I’m having the same problem with my Yahoo-hosted site, since about 10pm CST last night.

    I called Yahoo tech support this morning, and the guy told me they only suppory mySQL through email, and to send a message to I did that about three hours ago, and still no response or resolution.

    This is pretty terrible — I switched from Typepad last week because of their inability to keep sites up, now I get this.

    Ugh. I am hosted by Yahoo and the same thing happened. My website was fine when I went to bed. I didn’t even touch it yesterday. I have gotten the same error all day. Grrr…

    Same here — I also use Yahoo business hosting and WordPress, and am getting the same error message since about 8:00pm ET last night….

    I wanted to mention, that everything else I have hosted by Yahoo is fine. It is just the Word Press portion that is down. I also sent an email, but no answer yet.

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