• Hi – Was wondering what advantages Yahoo offered over the free wordpress.com service?

    Also, is it possible to customise templates when hosting with yahoo, or are you limited to the pre-made themes?



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  • The other way around: when being hosted at wp.com (for which we do not offer support, just to clarify from the beginning 🙂 you cannot modify templates and cannot choose other themes than those offered by them.
    When hosted on Y I guess it’s like with any “normal” host: you can have unlimited number of themes.

    I’m a bit surprised you didn’t ask what the disadvantages of using Yahoo for hosting are…

    I’ve had first hand experience with them, so if you’re curious what they are like as a host, let us know and I’ll give you some examples.

    I didn’t want to go there – but, please, share your experience.

    Ok, so I used to use Yahoo for my hosting, and I stayed with them for about a year or so. There are some very important limitations you should consider:

    – You cannot use .htaccess with Yahoo hosting
    – that means you’re stuck with the default permalinks
    – anything else you might want to use .htaccess for is out

    – Yahoo hosting is terribly expensive for what you get in return
    – i was paying 17.95/month for 10gb of space, and that is after a discount (i also used to be a SBC dial-up user back in the day, and i held onto that account for various reasons, so I received discounts on Yahoo hosting)

    – If you call/email them for support with hosting, the only advice they will offer is that you restore a backup
    – and if that doesn’t solve your issue, they will only suggest that you start from scratch
    – the support center they use for hosting is not outfitted with experts, only with bodies; they won’t be able to offer meaningful advice or assistance

    – When you decide to leave them, they will give you conflicted information on how to proceed (Yahoo isn’t a registrar, they are a reseller for MelbourneIT)
    – when i decided to cancel my hosting, they informed me that i had to cancel my account first, then do the transfer of my domain to the registrar of my choice. this conflicts with their online ‘help’ content, which warns that if you cancel the account before transferring, that all will be lost.

    – Yahoo uses Windows servers
    – limitations aplenty with win servers, just search around for examples

    – Yahoo will not, under any circumstances, install software on their server at the request of a customer
    – almost all hosting providers are willing to work with you on this; btw i’m not talking about WP or other user level apps, i’m talking about server level apps (eg. if you need a custom version of PHP compiled with options you require, Yahoo will never do this for you, whereas a ‘good’ host will work with you on this)

    All of the above was enough to make me switch. I joined Yahoo hosting because at the time, I hadn’t done enough research, and the price seemed good. Since then, I’ve researched it a lot more, and found Yahoo to be extremely lacking and expensive.

    This is all just my opinion of course, based on my experiences with Yahoo. You may find that they work fine for your needs.

    🙂 Good luck!!

    I used them before, as well, and was surprised at this “partnership”.

    I just signed up for a Yahoo hosting account with Word Press mainly to test it out… trying to figure out if I should migrate a bunch of course blogs I have on Blogger (hosted by third party) to WordPress.

    I like WordPress better but like app. service provider approach of Blogger better because my tech skills are very basic… having WordPress hosted with easy interface and what I thought would be reliability from Yahoo seemed like best of both worlds.

    The main reason I stuck with Blogger was that it had a big company, Google behind it so thought (maybe naively) that their uptime would be good…

    Thanks for your feedback re: Yahoo hosting… I have been trying to hear about people’s experience with using WordPress on Yahoo and having hard time finding much.

    I think you can modify permlinks with the Yahoo hosting. Here’s what they let you do…

    “By default WordPress uses web URIs which have question marks and lots of numbers in them, however WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URI structure for your permalinks and archives. This can improve the aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility of your links. A number of tags are available, and here are some examples to get you started.

    Common options:
    Date and name based
    Custom, specify below

    I’m also finding it doesn’t take long to create multiple blogs and although I realize now from Moshu that they are really just single installations, it still is nice how you can access from one interface (blogs are listed conveniently below each other like how Blogger service lists multiple blogs). I just have to log into my account and then I can quickly access my different blogs.

    Take care,

    I will avoid Yahoo like the plague! (though Yahoo Sales are doing noble job in fending off would be subscribers themselves – I couldn’t find anyone to talk to who actually knew that they offered WordPress.)

    Will give Bluehost a shot…

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    This does not bode well for this forum……….

    laur, I’ve used bluehost for about 6 months. No complaints here. They’re quite competent and have always been helpful to my requests for support.

    Yah, podz – could get hairy and scary real fast….

    3x a charm! I know, my fault for not backing up but it isn’t like I haven’t tried. Actually, I have been backing up, with the wp-db-backup plugin but I inquired, and no, it does not restore. The author did recommend some other plugin but I can’t remember what it was and he hasn’t answered back when I inquired again anyway!

    Anyway, using that very plugin last night to backup before hitting the hay, I forgot to select the option to email me the file (like I had been doing) vs downloading it so when it was done, I canceled and then the problem started. It hung up for a whole minute or so, a very nervous long minute. When it came back, I selected the email option and kicked it off again, it appeared to finish fine and I crashed. I opened WP in the morning and was not able to access the db and after messing with it for about 3 hrs, finally called Y! They of course, don’t support WP (which I knew already) but you wouldn’t know that if you read their banner (see the hosting page on this very site!); and no, it is not even WP2.0 official, it is the RC2 or 3 version as of today 1/10/05. They do have something called Snapshot but I had to dig hi and low for that and never did get it working.

    Also, I couldn’t get the logon info for phpMyAdmin (which you have to manually install also) and I never heard back from the Sourceforge guys that run the phpMyAdmin site (O/S).

    All in all, VERY FRUSTRATED WITH YAHOO even though they have been my email client for 3+ years. At least that was free and has been worth every penny of it lol.

    My advice stay away from Y!, and DreamHost has no support either, which is why I switched to Y! but I just can’t take it anymore.

    Alright Moshu, I’m gonna give Below$10Hosting a shot based on your comments above; I sure hope they are not like the other two crappy companies you guys have advertising right on this WordPress site (giving all newcomers a false sense of security). BAD BAD BAD! Yes I’ve been up for 13 hrs, just got home from school, it’s only 2pm, I’m tired and I’m gonna give another host a shot, wish me luck. Hopefully I’ve helped somebody (who made it thru all my ranting and raving) lol, sorry. I think I’ll start at the $4.99 /month plan 🙂

    Just for the record:
    I never advised anybody about Below$10Hosting…
    (I didn’t even know about their existence till now 🙂

    Yeah, I don’t think that is gonna work, playing email-tag with them already. Who has the best rep from what you hear Moshu?


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