Yahoo and Technorati can't find my feed (2 posts)

  1. blakekr
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I just seem to be destined to be an RSS moron. (please help ...)

    I have a WP 1.5 installation with permalinks and a manual html home page. Yahoo! and Technorati can't seem to find my feed, understandably, although it's accessible at domain.com/feed/. Is there something I can add to my homepage to allow the feed to validate and new posts to show up on Yahoo?

    Actually I believe they used to show up on Yahoo even when I had a static page several months ago, so I may have broken something different. But I appreciate any suggestions.

  2. blakekr
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Okay, Ive tried cutting and pasting the feed headers from the regular blog pages into my home page (brilliant, I know). Any other suggestions? When I ping yahoo manually, it says it still can't find my feed, but it also says that about WP installations that it's successfully publishing rss feeds from, so there's a disconnect there.

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