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  • theonetruebix


    I’ve been spending some time in the various “blank install” threads, but so far I can’t find anyone describing this (or, they are and I’m not recognizing that it’s the same).

    While I am indeed getting the infamous “blank install” page (although last night I had managed at one point to get it, but then got a blank page on page two of the install), I can see this in the MySQL logs:

    060927 11:08:15 6 Connect [user]@localhost on
    6 Init DB [databasename]
    6 Query SELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = ‘siteurl’

    (Except, of course, the user and database names are the actual user and database names.)

    So, WP in fact is getting access to MySQL via PHP, but it doesn’t go any further than the above portion from the MySQL log.

    If indeed I’ve been staring right at the same question/answer in the other “blank install” threads and not seeing it, just point me to the proper one. I think I’ve read like 7 so far.


    PS: I don’t do much PHP stuff, and most of my blogging work to date has been MT/PostgreSQL. But if there’s some specific pieces of information about my setup, such as from running phpinfo, that’s needed, let me know and I’ll pull it.

    PPS: For what it’s worth, another data point here. Originally the user was being denied access to MySQL. I did the OLD_PASSWORD thing and now (as above) WP does appear to connect ot MySQL via PHP properly. It just doesn’t do anything, heh.

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