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    Actually, that’s kind cool. Much more interesting than a plain old ordinary calendar. I’d be much more likely to go rummaging through an archive like that than to have to constantly click on date links to find something. It gives the user usable info right up front: The title and the date… I’d go a bit further and even give the first 100 or so characters, the first part of the intro, or what ever.

    I implemented a modified version of codergurl’s Nicer Archives mod. It defaults to a linked list of archive months/years, and I suppose you could just get rid of the sorting options if that’s all you wanted.
    Check out my implementation here.
    I’ve removed my calendar, and removed my list of archive months. I have a single link that says “Sortable Archives” on my sidebar and that’s it. One page, and let users sort them the way they want (by date, category, etc.)

    Actually, I’d like to see something that mirrors the Admin interface. You know, the ability to filter/sort on date, or category, or type (new feature specific to my site/hacks). I think those three give me all I need in an archive. Would actually be great to have that at the bottom of a count-restricted post-by-post blog, so anything that gets cutoff can be gotten to with minimum of clicks. Well, maybe a link to the archives page at the bottom… 😉

    Thanks for the compliments…
    Actually, the sorting on the archive page is 100% codergurl’s Nicer Archives hack. All I did was modify the markup so the form would validate (see this post.)
    My photo’s page (which still needs to be converted to pure CSS…and made to validate) is pure ColdFusion. You can view/sort every which way but Tuesday on my photo album 😉 The CF code is a bit outdated, and could be optimized better. I’m going to convert it from CF5 to CFMX to take advantage of CFC’s (ColdFusion Components.)
    I’ve done a similar type of sorting (similar to the Nicer Archives hack) at work in ColdFusion, and I’ve gotta say, it’s a lot less code in CF! The nice thing about PHP, though is it’s free 😉
    I’m currently working on my Movies section, which will be a separate instance of WordPress, modified beyond all recognition. I’m actually just using WP as a starting point, and will modify the tables to better suit a collection of movie reviews. (I could have wrote a simple app from scratch, but wanted to see how much I could modify WP and still have it work…Needless to say, the movies section won’t be getting any version upgrades.)

    hey thats really cool could you tell mme how you got all the post to show by default

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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