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    Alright… I’ve done what due diligence I can before I go crazy, but I cannot seem to fix the overlapping navbar. If you visit our site, you will notice that any menu item on the first row with a dropdown list overlaps the menu item on the second row. Then, you cannot click on the overlapped dropdown menu item. I’m GUESSING it’s the relationship of z-indexes, but using Chrome developer tools and inspecting my menus seems to have the top level and nested/child menu both pointing to the same class. Am I incorrect in thinking that, if this is the case, then my only solutions are to cut back my menus to a single line or else alter a good portion of themes code?

    I know enough to have a general idea of what I’m looking at/for; however, I also know enough to know that I’m no guru and am probably missing stuff.

    I am not in charge of updating our site, so I would like to find the style solution. Our menus may change depending on the school season, and I would like to give our Marketing Director the freedom to simply change it as she sees fit instead of restricting to a single line.

    We would like finish updating our site with the rest of our content, but we can’t seem to get past this hurdle. Please help! 🙂

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