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  • Recently I have been having issues with my iis 5 win2k server. When I view my event log for system errors I notice a call to the following directories:


    For some reason and I can’t figure out why, this is causing my web publishing service to stop responding to web requests. All of my sites come up unavailable. Does anyone know how to fix this from happening? When my sites go down now I have to stop and restart the service and everything works fine until next attack.

    Please help me.

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  • what version are you using ??

    “WordPress 1.5 or higher is safe. Since the release of version 1.5, WordPress has used a completely different XML-RPC library, called IXR. ”

    I don’t even use wordpress or have any php rpc programs installed? That is why this is such a mystery to me. But in my event log sure enough there is a bunch of timeouts on those files listed above.


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