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  • Hello,

    I am working at this app. which does some basic blog operations and I want to be able to get the template of the page to recreate “the look and feel” of the user’s blog when he does stuff.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use blogger_getTemplate and blogger_setTemplate methods from the xmlrpc.php file.

    I will discuss on the last public build (2.2). It seems that fopen (line 729) doesn’t get a file name to open, but rather the path to the server’s local installation directory. At this point, the PHP engine issues a warning and I receive a bad response from the XMLRPC server.

    I wasn’t able to find whether this is a known bug. However, I found an old xmlrpc.php revision file (from 05/23/04, changeset 1349), where the code of this method made sense (check the two lines where it forms the $filename string).

    I hope that either this was a problem of misinterpretation or that it gets to the right people to fix it by the time I release my application.

    Bogdan Ghervan

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