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  • Kudama


    So I want to implement a sitemap for my site. I’m using WordPress as my CMS but it’s not really a blog.

    Of course, everyone everywhere points users to Arne’s much-loved XML sitemap generator here:

    Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

    However, it doesn’t create a human-friendly sitemap. For that, I found the following sitemap generator which looks pretty nice:

    But now I’m not sure what to do. It seems silly and redundant to have two sitemap generators installed, but they both seem necessary. Arne’s Google Sitemap Generator seems like it will provide the best SEO for my site, but Dagon’s Sitemap Generators seems necessary if I want to have a human-friendly Sitemap to link to from my home page.

    Am I making this all too complicated? Should I just install both and fuggedaboutit? Is there a way to make a human-friendly sitemap from Arne’s XML sitemap? If I install both will I somehow be penalized by the search engines or can I just disallow the human sitemap with the robots.txt (or should I even bother with that?)?

    Am I missing something really obvious because I’m a WP newbie? I appreciate any advice on this matter.

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  • moshu


    As you figured out the two plugins serve very different purposes: one for machines/robots and another one for humans.

    Feed both 🙂



    Thanks for the response and verification. 🙂

    It looks like I can just tell the search engines which sitemap I’m feeding them with the following in the Robots.txt:


    Thanks again.

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