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    I just checked my YOAST XML sitemap and noticed that NO new posts have been added since 3/1/17. However, during that time period, I have published over 50 new posts. Thankfully, Google is still crawling and there are no issues with Robots TXT. ( I tested) I went through the suggested troubleshooting steps:
    1) Uninstall All Plugins
    2) Clear Cache
    3) Switch Themes
    4) Disable/Enable XML sitemaps
    5) I even deactivated and uninstalled the plugin

    However, for some reason the sitemap content WILL NOT update. As my site is on Google news I was forced to move the news portion of my sitemap to a different plugin to assure that it is indexed daily. Less than 10 minutes later 7 of my recent posts were indexed. This leads me to believe that it is a problem unique to SEO Yoast and not a general XML sitemap issue. Any thoughts on how to resolve. I noticed that a few others asked a similar question and they were not answered. Please do note that I followed all suggested troubleshooting steps.


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  • I find the following works for me

    a) resave permalinks
    b) clear all transients with WP-Optimize
    c) change number of pages for Yoast sitemap from 1000 to 900

    View sitemap, make sure to refresh if using Chrome.

    Hey @neotrope I already followed each of those steps 3+ times and still no luck. Btw, I’m currently using WordPress –> W3TC Total Cache –>Cloudflare. I did try clearing all of those cache items and I even turned off each service to troubleshoot. However, my sitemap file still WILL NOT update. Very weird, indeed.

    Definitely a caching issue and CloudFlare; try checking with them for proper settings for WordPress sitemap as that should *not* be cached, obviously.

    I’ve turned W3TC Total Cache and Cloudflare off, yet the XML sitemap is still NOT UPDATING. As far as SEO goes, I suppose it’s not a huge concern as posts are crawled based on other factors. However, for the Google News Sitemap Daily updating is necessary.

    Any other thoughts on ways to force update the sitemap besides the steps already mentioned?

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    Sitemaps can be loaded via a pretty and non-pretty permalink (examples below). Is the non-pretty permalink working?

    Pretty permalink = Non-pretty permalink = = =

    Wonderful troubleshooting! You are correct @amboutwe. The Non-pretty permalinks are working and up to date.

    What should I do to correct? Should I add the non-pretty permalinks to Google Webmaster tools or does it not matter?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to look into this.

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    You can use the non-pretty permalinks temporarily as this means manually adding every sub-sitemap. Not tough if you only have a few sitemaps but can be time consuming if you have a larger site.

    For a permanent fix, you’ll want to investigate why the file (or cache of the file) is not updating.

    The first thing that comes to mind (that hasn’t been asked) is physical files. By chance is there a physical copy of the sitemaps on your server (typically in the root of the site)? We dynamically serve the sitemap so a physical copy will prevent this from working.

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