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  • I am using XML Sitemap Generator 3.0.3. I am getting inconsistent errors in the XML file after each sitemap generation. The category part of the URL gets dropped occasional on every URL in the sitemap file. I end up with instead of

    I create another sitemap file and it is back to normal. If I don’t check the XML file after each post generation, I get a WARNING from Google when looking at the webmaster sitemap screen. 404 code URLs. the errored file ends up listing 115 URLS when I really have 330.

    Is it a conflict with another plugin, pretty permalink, htaccess file? Any ideas? I did not see a similar post.

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  • I have upgraded to WP 2.5 and XML Sitemap Generator and still have random results dropping category in the URL


    could you give me the URL to your sitemap? Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the problem.

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    I have the same problem for two months now. Sounds like it only affects the .gz extension, not sure…



    Update – I have been updating (rebuild) my sitemap manually instead of automatically for about 2 weeks. I have not had the missing category problem since using the manual rebuild process.

    I am not using anymore the .gz and apparently, this helped…

    Do you plan to fix this issue because it is really annoying, google is crawling wrong urls thus resulting in 404 errors…

    Hmm, I’m sorry but I can’t reproduce this bug.
    firebird75, could you give me a sitemap url where the .xml and .xml.gz files are different?

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    Mine is ok right now (disabled the automatic update on blog modification). The problem will happen every time you add or modify a note thus triggerring a sitemap update. My blog has more than 1.000 notes.

    The url is :

    I will send you the files once I see them corrupted again.

    Thanks, please send it directly to my email address, himself .. arnebrachhold .. de

    I Found A Solution That Works For Me For This Problem Because It Is Happening On All Of My Domains.

    Under The Sitemap Content Options Deselect Every Option And Save The Settings Then Rebuild The Sitemap. Then Select The Options You Want Under Sitemap Content And Rebuild The Sitemap Again.

    The Automatic Build Will Work Fine After That.

    I’ve Tested This On 18 Sites That Were All Having This Problem And So Far It Has Worked For All Of Them.

    Hope This Helps

    Arnee, I have sent you the corrupted files.



    Sill not fixed with the new version 🙁

    I had the same problem and the solution that PlexXoniC posted fixed the issue. One problem I had was that I needed to refresh the browser window twice when viewing the xml and gz files with Firefox because it was using a cached file. Maybe a few of you are experiencing the same issue after doing the fix.

    I didn’t make it for me, I still have a lot of problems 🙁

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