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  • I don’t know how long it has been broken, but I saw my Google rankings drop and decided to do some research.

    Category 404s:

    I found that all of my categories would return 404’s and my sitemap was generating 404s in Google Webmaster Tools.

    I began deactivating plugins and was surprised to see the 404 category taxonomy issue disappear once I deactivated WordPress SEO (this plugin has been rock-solid which is why I was surprised).

    XML Sitemap Issues

    I was running 1.14.13 when these issues were discovered, and was excited to see 1.14.14 come out right in the middle of the issues. I immediately updated. It appears the Category 404s went away, but I now get this instead when I try to go to the sitemap:

    Error loading stylesheet: A network error occurred loading an XSLT stylesheet:

    I’ve tried all of the fixes suggested including updating my .htaccess according to as well as disabling sitemaps and re-enabling, but no matter what, I always get the error.

    For now, I’m considering turning off sitemaps and using google XML sitemaps or ditching WordPress SEO altogether and just using Genesis SEO with Google XML sitemaps.

    I love WordPress SEO, so I hope these are just some hiccups, but I was definitely bummed to see my Google ranks slip. That costs money :-/

    Anyways, I’m not trying to be a freeloading complainer. You guys are awesome, and I hope this works out (and honestly, I’d pay for a premium version of this plugin sans-these issues), but I wanted to let you know what I was experiencing as your customer (albeit a freeloading one).

    Thanks again,

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  • I love WordPress SEO, I am still using version 1.4.7 though, waiting for all the problems to clear from this support forum for the later versions (just like Nextgen) before I upgrade, or change SEO program.

    I like it as it was easy to do some minor mods for titles and desc to prevent duplicates that Yoast missed, as well as length issues. So, I finally get the coveted Google Webmaster results below from one of my sites, and just a few issues on another much bigger site (basically because Google didn’t completely re-crawl them yet) :

    HTML Improvements
    Last updated Aug 19, 2013
    We didn’t detect any content issues with your site. As we crawl your site, we check it to detect any potential issues with content on your pages, including duplicate, missing, or problematic title tags or meta descriptions. …”

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