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[Resolved] XML Parsing Error

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  • Plugin Author Luigi


    once upgraded to version 1.5, try to rebuild the sitemap (clicking on the “Rebuild” button), visit it and then, check the error log file of your server. Are there any errors related to SiteTree?

    I need the actual URL to your sitemap, too.


    Is the actual URL something other than nesbittrealty.com/sitemap.xml?

    How / where do I check my error log file?

    Upgraded again. New error:

    XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </meta>.
    Location: http://nesbittrealty.com/sitemap.xml
    Line Number 64, Column 11:</style></head><body><div id=”cont”><h1>

    I’ll leave it up for 24 hours or so, so you can look at it if you like.

    I deleted a sitemap.xml file that another tool created and the sitemap fired up. Now I’m getting errors on my other MU sitemaps.

    Here are a few links:




    Plugin Author Luigi


    there’s a plugin you are using or a rewrite rule hardcoded in your theme that forces a trailing slash in the Sitemap URL. If you fix it, the Sitemap will show up flawlessly.

    I’ve deactivated all but my most essential plugins and there is not change in results. Is it possible to write an error check into the plugin that will correct this. This will account for many people in many different uses as well.

    Plugin Author Luigi


    After you have deactivated the other plugins, try to deactivate and reactivare SiteTree (this will force the rewrite rules to flush) but, as suggested before, It isn’t a plugin related issue, there’s a conflict or a misconfiguration in your setup.

    Done. No change.

    I believe you 100% when you say it’s not related to your plugin and is related to my environment. What I’m saying is that many people will have issues with their environment and if you can write a error checking / debug snippet or routine you might make it easier for users who are even less savvy than I.

    Plugin Author Luigi


    I understand what you are writing and what you are pointing out is one of the reasons why with every version I’m making the plugin more error aware.

    However, this specific issue can’t be easily traced and debugged with just a snippet of code (otherwise I would have wrote it down from the start) and because it doesn’t related to the plugin itself, it requires the debugging of your WordPress installation to be fixed.

    I’d love to use the plugin and I’d love to give a donation, but for now it appears that I am dead in the water.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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