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  1. Vyen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Maybe it's something I did, but...I have two word press blogs, installed via Fantastico from the Domain's CPanel.


    Here's the problem: THe Midweek Radio blog is parsing correctly is my RSS Feeder (RSS2HTML). You can see it spit out at http://www.midweekradio.com

    Vyenpakakapaka's blog? For some reason, the same RSS feed (/blog/wp-rss2.php) that worked for Midweek Radio is producing an "Invalid XML" feed of sorts on Vyenpakakapaka's blog. Was it something I did wrong, or is there a change in the new version?

    ; ; Can anyone give me a hand here?

  2. Vyen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    A-ha! I found more information about my errors:


    These are the errors:

    line 21, column 14: Undefined dc_creator element: ADMINNICENAME [help] <dc:creator><ADMINNICENAME></dc:creator>
    line 21, column 31: XML parsing error: <unknown>:21:31: mismatched tag [help] <dc:creator><ADMINNICENAME></dc:creator>

    Wuz goin' on?

  3. Vyen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    ROFLCOPTER. Fixed it myself.

    My "Author Nickname" was blank, and that was the problem. WTF?

    Ah, well, its going now.

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