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  • I am running wordpress on an unmanaged VPS, and so far everything installed nicely.


    I tried to import my XML file from my previous installation, but it failed with an Internal Server Error. The XML file was 732kb.


    Different XML files
    Included known working. Same problem.

    Editing php.ini
    Ran info.php, then edited CORRECT php.ini using nano in Terminal.
    Memory limit is at the max, max execution time is 10 minutes, post and file sizes are 50MB and max number of files is something ridiculous that I will never come close to. Restarted service, correct values show in upload media page, and I uploaded a 40MB video to be sure.

    Any help would be much appreciated – so far TONS of searching has come up with the php.ini values being the main cause of the problem 99% of the time. Each time I have double checked that I’m editing the correct php.ini file for this installation using info.php, and making sure that changes are in fact taking place.

    I have root access and a decent amount of terminal knowledge, but if at all possible, including commands with suggestions would be of great assistance to me!

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  • Am I right in suggesting that changes made in php.ini make it unnecessary to add rules to .htaccess? I’m pretty sure that’s the case, but it doesn’t hurt to rule things out with a second opinion 😀

    WHAT I HAVE NOT TRIED <- This. It seems akin to the “I bent a nail with my hammer so I’m going to keep bashing it until it’s embedded in the board” solution…

    Nothing showing up in system error logs, either.

    Well, very strangely, I sort of got it to work.


    1) Open up a Terminal window
    2) Type gzip and then drag the XML file to that line (or type in the location manually) – hit enter.
    3) Use your new .gz archive when selecting XML import file.
    4) You’re done!


    – Use 7zip to create the .gz archive

    Not sure WHY that worked, but it did. I could assign posts to a new user, and though the files were deleted from my old server, at least it checked for them. Pages and posts all look good!

    I’m not marking this as solved, because it still doesn’t tackle the underlying issue. I would love to hear anyone’s additional thoughts.

    Wow annon. You just saved me from spending hours online hitting on blind spots.

    Thanks a lot.

    insane. Just worked for me too!

    Thank you very much for sharing your fix!

    Insanity! It WORKS! This was driving me crazy – a thousand thanks for sharing this, Anon!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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