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  • I am migrating my blog to a new host. Trying to upload the xml file I discover that won’t work because it is too large (*mb). 7mb is the max. Iam not good enough to go to unix shell & alter the php.ini script. Someone tells me I cna break the xml file in two and then upload both. how to do this? any help is much welcome!

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  • I tried the suggested method as below:
    ” * Increase the file upload size limit and/or file upload space limit:

    1. Login to wp-admin as an administrator.
    2. In the Site Admin navigation box, click “Options”
    3. Scroll down and change the settings for “Max upload file size” and/or “Blog upload space”

    This does not work. (There is no “options” box to be found).

    Now, is there another reliable suggestion. Aslo breaking up the file doesn’t seem to be a possible option at my level of computer knowledge. Is there any professional that could help me solve this at low cost?

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    Now try all of the other suggestions at the link that songdogtech provided.

    If your old blog is still up, use to delete all your post/page revisions, and empty the trash and delete all spam comments. That can greatly reduce the size of your database so it might import OK without problems, depending on how many posts/page you have.


    If your “old” host uses cPanel and your “new” one does too, this is a snap 🙂

    Old Host

    – export your database via phpMyAdmin (save as file = xxx.sql)
    – compress all the contents of your current WP site and download the resultant ZIP

    New Host

    – using phpMyAdmin, create new database
    – import into this the SQL file you exported above
    – upload your site ZIP to it’s new “home” and extract it there
    – optionally, edit the wp-config.php if your new host’s database configuration is not the same as the old one; if the new one and the old one both use “localhost” as the host name, and you created the new database and user with the same credentials as the old one, you’re done 🙂 … 5 minutes tops 🙂


    Thanks guys. I finally dragged my wife into this & she suggested exporting the xml file from the blog to my computer by year. I did that (to use as backup) & then imported also the 6 years of the blof activity divided into 2 time blocks. I was then able to import these, starting with the most recent one, once the blog was active on the new site. It installed everything (well, just about, see below) painlessly in 2 minutes flat.

    the new question: what wasn’t imported was my personal blog rolls. does anyone of you know how I can do that (one of them lists several hundred related blogs & I’d hate to have to redo all that manually).

    Good idea to export it in years; didn’t think of that.

    And didn’t know that the blogroll isn’t included in the XML import. But others have figured it out:

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