• here is a another weird situation. i have this static site that runs a XML feed which is coded manually. now i want to install the WP blog so that i can use it to generate XML feed content for the site. Now the original url is on the base folder and its a XML file. How do I get the RSS feed of the WP installed in a subfolder on the base folder in XML format so that any existin user don’t suffer…
    or alternatively how to generate XML feeds without coding that XML file manually.

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  • If you’re using a unix box to host the site, consider using symlinks. Sure it’s a hack, but will take about 10 seconds and is transparent to users.

    Another idea: if you have control over the server, you could issue a “permanent redirection” to the new address of the XML feed.

    well, which version of the RSS generated by WP is XML? or it does not matter? coz all of them are php files. sorry, but i am a novice.

    The output of b2rss.php is RSS 0.91, b2rss2.php delivers RSS 2.0 and b2rdf.php gives its output as RDF 1.0 to the users. All three formats are valid XML.

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