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  • After rereading Dunstan’s tag transformations, I’m very curious. Is it easy to do this in WordPress, and if yes, how? I’m just getting into XML and XSL, but it would make WP more future-proof.

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  • I believe what he is actually doing is kinda hacky, in it’s own cool way.
    Basically, instead of trusting himself to leave a bunch of DIV’s and other nonsense in his posts he uses a custom language. This language is XML compliant (which is not hard to do), and then before the post content is spit out, it is “transformed” via a PHP script to a preset format with all the extra DIV’s that it might need. In this manner, if a better way comes about that doesn’t require DIV’s, he can simple change the routine for “transforming” instead of updating 200+ posts.
    I believe there have been a few plugins that do this sort of thing at a very basic level. Think about the smilie replacement technique – those were text, but get inserted as graphics. This is the same concept.
    So, yes, it is possible, but I do not think some as advanced as Dunstan’s example has been created. (Someone please place my foot in mouth if untrue.)

    The forward-compatibility is attractive, and since I’m beginning to grow fond of XML, I think I’m going to implement his structure, and see what happens 😛
    If it’s possible to turn it into a plugin, it would be so damn neat…
    But that would mean that it had to check the whole post, transform everything, and output XHTML. My skillz aren’t the best, but I like the look of this, I never knew it was that easy (‘smilie replacement’).

    Yeah, it would be a good plugin. Start working on it 😉
    Hooking into wordpress via plugins is actually pretty easy, and fairly well documented. If you do make it though, everyone will love you 😀


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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