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  • What exactly is xili-tidy-tags? Nothing more than a simple and handy plugin to categorize your tags. What could possibly be the use? Well let’s see…

    xili-tidy-tags lets you create tag groups. For example, if you have a bilingual website in both English and French, what happens to your tag cloud? You don’t want to have English tags next to French ones, it will be rather confusing for your users, and that’s exactly where xili-tidy-tags comes handy! You could use the plugin to create, say, 3 groups: English, French, and Both. Now, every time you create a tag, you can assign it to whichever language you want. What about the tag cloud? Simple! xili-tidy-tags provides it’s own tag cloud function, which works exactly like the default WordPress one, except it lets you choose which tag group to display.

    Oh course xili-tidy-tag doesn’t limit itself to multilingual blogs. You could use it for any situation requiring multiple tag groups, or tag classification. For example, if you’re using WordPress to run a website about music albums and you want to classify artists, albums, genres, and more. Sure you could have an insanely big list of categories and subcategories for each, or you could simply use xili-tidy-tags to create one tag group for each!

    So now that you know what xili-tidy-tags does, how well does it work? Perfectly! When you create a tag, you can check which group you want to assign it to. You can also look at all your tags and assign multiple tags at once. It’s really a breeze to use and it works magnificently!

    On top of that, if you’re using it for a multilingual website, you can combine it with xili-language at and literally have a fully functional multilingual WordPress in a matter of seconds!

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  • More info about xili-tidy-tags can be found on the developer’s website at

    I use Tidy Tags to group tags on Zarban’s House of Commentaries so I can create specific tag clouds and also so that I can show tags in a post in a specific order.

    My site is a catalog of audio commentaries available on the Web (created by fans and film makers). Every post has tags for things like commentator, director, star, franchise it’s a part of, and decade of release. In the left navigation pane, I can now have separate tag clouds for commentator, director, star, franchise, decade, etc.

    And on each post’s page, I can list the tags under the movie or TV episode’s title in specific order, with commentator first, then miscellaneous tags, then director and star. The result is so much cleaner and more intuitive than just lumping all tags together, it’s fantastic!

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