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  1. Glvolunteers
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    I'm trying to add flags to my website - unfortunately it won't work. I went to xili's websites and found the code to add to the css to show the flags... I added the code below, but I assume I have to make some changes to the php to, but I don't know which ones??
    Right now no language shows on the site, not even as a text-list...
    I am a newbie to css/php so please explain what I have to do.

    This is the code in css:

    License: GNU General Public License
    License URI: license.txt

    /* some few modifications for xili-language list */
    ul.xililanguagelist {list-style: none !important ; margin-left:0 !important ;}

    /* example in header menu if filter xiliml_infunc_language_list is on*/

    ul.menu li.lang-en_us a {background: transparent url(images/flags/en_us.png) no-repeat center 13px;}
    ul.menu li.lang-de_de a {background: transparent url(images/flags/de_de.png) no-repeat center 13px;}
    ul.menu li.lang-es_es a {background: transparent url(images/flags/es_es.png) no-repeat center 13px;}

    li.lang-en_us:hover > a {background: #333 url(images/flags/en_us.png) no-repeat center 13px !important;}
    li.lang-de_de:hover > a {background: #333 url(images/flags/de_de.png) no-repeat center 13px !important;}
    li.lang-es_es:hover > a {background: #333 url(images/flags/es_es.png) no-repeat center 13px !important;}

    ul.menu li.lang-en_us, ul.menu li.lang-de_de, ul.menu li.lang-es_es {text-indent:-9999px; width:18px;}

    CSS Reset

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